The Most Frequently Asked Questions To The Hair Transplant Center

There are many unanswered questions in the minds of those who want to have a hair transplant or those who have it. In general, the clinic informs the patient about all the details before and after the hair transplant procedure. Here we searched for the most frequently asked questions and answers to hair transplant centers for you.

How Is The First Wash Done After The Hair Transplant Operation?

The first wash after the hair transplant operation is very important, so the first wash is done in the presence of a specialist. Generally, the first wash is done on the 3rd day after the hair transplant operation. Special shampoos and lotions are used during the first wash. First, a special lotion is applied and left for an average of 1 hour. After the time is up, shampooing is performed. This step should be done carefully and very gently so that the transplanted hair follicles are not damaged.

What Should Be Considered After Hair Transplantation?

The first 3 days after hair transplantation is the most difficult and the time you need to pay the most attention.

Hair Care After Hair Transplant?

The first wash after hair transplantation is done by the specialist. Afterwards, the necessary information is provided by your doctor. At this point, what you need to pay attention to is that you should do everything your doctor recommends. In the next process, you should use shampoo and care products that do not contain clean chemicals. You should not apply heat or blow dry your hair for a long time.

What Are The Advantages Of Hair Transplantation?

Some of the advantages of hair transplantation are;

Does Hair Transplantation Have Any Disadvantages?

Although hair transplantation operations are generally successful operations, they have some disadvantages. These disadvantages are;

When Does The Hair Start To Grow After Hair Transplantation?

The post-hair transplant process is a long process that requires patience. It takes between 12 months and 18 months to get clear results after hair transplantation. Shock shedding occurs in the 3rd month after the procedure, this process is normal. Within 4 to 6 months, the hair starts to grow back and grows slowly. It takes 1 year to see its fully extended state.

In Which Season İs The Hair Transplant Operation Performed?

There is no specific season or time for hair transplantation. You can have a hair transplant at any time during the summer or winter months. At this point, the determining factor is that you feel ready and that your doctor’s appointment status is appropriate.

How Long Does The Hair Transplant Operation Take?

The duration of the hair transplant operation varies according to the method applied and the width of the area to be transplanted. In general, the process takes between 6 and 10 hours, which may be shortened or extended depending on the situation.

Is Hair Transplantation A Painful Procedure?

Before starting the hair transplant operation, local anesthesia is applied to the patient. Thanks to the anesthesia applied, the patient does not feel pain and pain during the procedure. Even if it is small, the pain is felt only during the application of local anesthesia by injection, but this situation passes within seconds. Thanks to the new methods developed, a feeling of numbness is provided by using pressure devices or sedated drugs for those who are afraid of needles.

Is Hair Transplant Done For Women?

Contrary to what is known, hair transplant operation is not just for men. Hair transplantation can also be performed on women. The only difference from the hair transplantation procedure applied to men is that unshaven transplantation is performed for women.

Is Hair Transplantation Done With Hair Follicles Taken From Someone Else?

Hair transplant process is simple It is made with hair root seeds that belong to the person. If hair follicles with cells belonging to the person are planted in the area to be transplanted, the roots are attached, otherwise the procedure will fail. Hair transplantation is not performed with the hair root seed taken from someone else.

What Is The Best Method For Hair Transplantation?

All methods used for hair transplantation have positive and negative aspects. The method to be applied for hair transplantation should be determined individually, so that the most successful result will be obtained.

Will Hair Grow Back From The Area Where The Hair Follicle Is Taken?

For hair transplantation operation, hair root seeds are taken from the nape area, which is resistant to shedding, and hair does not grow back from the area where it is taken. However, don’t be alarmed by this situation, because during the hair root seed removal process, the specialist carefully takes the root, so the thinning that occurs in that area is not visible to the naked eye.

Is Hair Transplantation The Definitive Solution To Baldness?

It is possible to stop hair loss by treating it with various methods. However, it is not possible to replace the shed hair with new ones, except for the hair transplant operation. For this reason, the most permanent solution to hair loss is hair transplant operation. Since the hair follicle seeds used during the hair transplantation process are the most resistant to shedding, they are not shed again after the attachment phase.

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