Hair Transplant Methods

Painless Hair Transplant

painless anesthesia

Fue hair transplantation is a method most commonly used for the permanent solution of hair loss and hair loss (baldness) problems worldwide. It is a method preferred by women as well as men to achieve natural hair in a comfortable and permanent way without pain. Fue hair transplantation technique is performed by collecting healthy hair follicle seeds (grafts) from the hairy area on the head and placing them in the bald area where there is thinning or shedding completely.

DHI hair transplant is called direct haır implants. It is preferred because it is more comfortable than other hair transplantation methods.

Hair Transplant

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One of the most important causes of hair loss is genetic factors, that is, if there is baldness in the family, there is a possibility of thinning or baldness in the person. However, genetic factor is not the only reason, besides, hair loss may occur as a result of advancing age, injuries, various medical disorders, some medications used, stress, malnutrition.

After a certain period of hair transplant treatment, the hair falls out, but this is a normal situation. The shed hair grows back after 3-4 months. In line with the applied method and the experience of the practitioner, hair transplant treatment is a permanent method.