Hair Transplant While Sleep

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Sleep After Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation method provides a permanent solution for people who experience hair loss. There are many question marks in people’s minds to have a hair transplant. One of them is the sleeping position after the hair transplant operation. The first stage after the hair transplant operation is the healing process and the 10-days period is important at this stage. During this period, the transplanted area should be carefully protected from any impact, impact and pressure. It forces people to pay attention, especially during the sleep stage when we act unconsciously. Since this is especially important for the hair follicles to adhere to the canals during the 10-days period, we should pay attention to our position while sleeping.

First Night Sleep Position After Hair Transplant

The first night after hair transplantation is very important in terms of holding the seeds of the hair follicle sown. For this reason, we should pay attention to our sleeping position on the first night. The most common complication after hair transplant operation is edema and swelling. If possible, it is necessary to lie down at an angle of 45 degrees, as lying down completely after the hair transplant operation will cause edema and swelling. Putting two pillows on your back the first night after hair transplantation will help you achieve a 45 degrees angle.

1 Week Sleep Position After Hair Transplant

After hair transplantation, if the operation was applied to your head area, especially the nape of the donor, it is necessary not to put pressure on the document in terms of its health. It is important that you pay attention to this in order to achieve the desired result in the future stages, otherwise, if the hair transplant area is damaged, the expected hair growth may not occur. If the hair transplant was done only on the front area, after the first week, you can lie on your back. However, it is recommended to lie down at an angle of 45 degrees during this period, if possible. If the hair transplant is done on the crown area, taking into account all possibilities, a 45-degree angle can be achieved and a travel pillow can be used to sleep. During this 1-week period, you should lie down at an angle of 45 degrees without applying pressure to the hair transplant area.

Lying On Your Side After Hair Transplant?

Lying on your side after hair transplantation is not recommended as it will cause swelling in the head and face. However, after the first 10 days have passed, you can lie on your side with the approval of the doctor. In hair transplantation, if the donor area is the nape, you can lie on your side with a raised pillow.

Use of Medical Pillows and Beds After Hair Transplantation

After the hair transplant operation, there are difficulties because the sleep pattern and shape of the people are disturbed. In this process, the use of medical pillows and mattresses is recommended. The reason for this is the pain in the head, neck and back region due to the changing sleeping position, and the medical pillow and mattress used reduce these pains to a minimum.

What are the Precautions to Take Before Sleeping After Hair Transplantation?

  1. A correct and principled sleep plan should be made; because although hair transplantation is not a painful process with local anesthesia, since the recovery process takes time, your body may lose resistance and your healing process may be prolonged if you cannot sleep efficiently.
  2. Pay attention to the hygiene of the place where you sleep; After the hair transplantation operation, the channels opened, even if they are very small, are in the form of open wounds and it is important that this area does not become infected.
  3. A clean cloth or towel should be used on the pillows; After the hair transplant operation, there may be bleeding or discharge from the wounds in the transplanted areas. To prevent this, you can lay a towel or cloth on your pillows.
  4. The contact of the hair transplant area with the pillow should be avoided; The pressure that will occur during this contact may prevent the hair follicle seeds from adhering to the hair transplant area.

When Can You Sleep Normally After Hair Transplantation?

Being able to sleep normally after the hair transplant operation largely depends on your body’s function of healing the wounds, so this time may differ in individuals. In this process, if you take into account the recommendations of your doctor and do the necessary care, this period will be shortened.

The first 10 days after the hair transplant operation is the most important period of the process. Even if you have difficulties in this 10-day process, it is best to listen to your doctor’s advice and lie on your back with a 45-degree angle.

If you follow the doctor’s recommendations completely and lie down with the recommended 45-degree angle in a 10-day period, if you have the necessary recovery rate under the control of the specialist, you can switch to your routine sleeping position with the approval of your doctor. Whether this period is shortened or extended is in your hands.

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