Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows play an important role in facial expression by surrounding the eyes. Loss of expression may occur as a result of thinning or shedding in the eyebrows. There is a solution to these shedding and thinning, which makes women unhappy in terms of aesthetics, with eyebrow transplantation. The number of people who have an eyebrow transplant operation is increasing day by day. Except for the loss of eyebrows, especially due to health reasons, those who want to have fuller, clearer and more natural appearance aesthetically have eyebrow transplantation. Apart from aesthetic concerns, eyebrow transplantation is the most natural and permanent method for injuries experienced in the eyebrow area, burns and permanent scars.

What Is Eyebrow Transplant?

Eyebrow transplantation is the process of placing the hair follicle seeds taken from the person’s own hair follicles of thinning or regional eyebrow hair loss in the eyebrow area in women or men, with very minimal incisions.

Before Eyebrow Transplant

After deciding to have an eyebrow transplant operation, a careful examination process should be performed by a specialist and experienced doctor. This process is very important for both the person who wants to have eyebrow transplantation and the specialist. After the examination and necessary analyzes, the wishes of the person who decides to have an eyebrow transplant and their expectations from the operation should be heard by the specialist, and a clear decision should be made. In this process, the golden ratio is taken according to the face type of the person to be transplanted, and the necessary measurements are made, and the final shape is drawn visually and an idea of ​​how it will be after the operation.

After Eyebrow Transplant Operatıon?

  • Since the eyebrow operation is a much shorter procedure than other transplantation methods, it is a relatively easy process in the aftermath. The procedure takes an average of 1 to 2 hours, although the recovery process after the procedure varies from person to person, it takes an average of 7 days. In this 7-day period, crusting occurs in the transplanted eyebrow area. This crusting appearance is gradually poured out in this process, and the person can easily return to social and business life. After the operation, you should rest for the period determined by your doctor. After the eyebrow transplant operation, you should apply the prescription completely and you should not apply any pressure to the eyebrow transplant area.
  • In this process, when the eyebrows start to grow, gently combing in the direction of your eyebrow will fix the eyebrow direction and visually will be good. In addition, transplanted eyebrows grow faster than other eyebrows because they are hair root seeds, so they should be shortened every 15 days or according to the frequency of growth.
  • Activities such as swimming in the sea and sunbathing are strictly prohibited for 15 days after the eyebrow transplant operation.
  • After eyebrow transplantation, 10-15 days should be waited to go to places such as hammam and sauna.
  • In this process, any substance other than the drugs recommended by your doctor should not be applied to the eyebrows and make-up should not be applied to that area.
  • There may be shedding in the eyebrows for a while after the eyebrow transplant operation, this is normal, do not be nervous.
  • The transplanted eyebrows will start to grow again after 3 months. At the end of a 7-8 month process, you can see the net result. However, this process may take up to 1 year. After this time is up, you will have natural and permanent eyebrows.

What Are The Stages Of Eyebrow Transplantatıon?

After deciding on the eyebrow transplant operation, the stages of eyebrow transplantation of people who do not constitute an obstacle to the operation;

  • An examination and analysis of whether it is suitable for eyebrow transplantation.
  • Deciding on the eyebrow shape and making the necessary measurements and drawing the final shape of the eyebrow shape by taking the golden ratio.
  • The donor area and eyebrows are anesthetized with local anesthesia.
  • According to the needed area, the number of hair follicle seeds determined beforehand is taken from the area.
  • Removed hair follicle seeds are placed in the cuts by making minimal incisions in the areas determined on the eyebrow.
  • Since the eyebrows are a region that can be seen clearly in the face area, in the next stage, very small incisions should be made by experts so that the people who have eyebrow transplantation do not experience aesthetic problems.
  • The process takes between 1 or 2 hours depending on the people and the method applied. The patient does not need to stay in the hospital after the operation. He is discharged on the same day.