Ear Surgery Otoplasty

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The external structure of the ears, whose main function is the sense of hearing, is visible. For this reason, due to some deformations or congenital deformities in the ears, people are disturbed. Ear deformities, which cause psychological problems at a young age, especially in children, can cause self-confidence problems in later ages. For this reason, it is possible to have a permanent solution to the deterioration of the ear structure, which has completed its development from the age of 6, with ear aesthetic operation. If you do not want your children’s psychology to deteriorate or if you want to increase your low self-esteem, you can choose ear aesthetic surgery.

Ear Aesthetic Operation

Ears complete their development after 6 years of age. Congenital or accidental problems in the ears are experienced in individuals. This can cause self-confidence problems in many people. It is possible to solve the ear aesthetics operation if the ears are completely or partially missing at birth, the cartilage around the ear is protruding, the ear looks wrinkled, the ear tips are excessively pointed, the ears are tilted forward or the ear piece is lost as a result of accident. In some cases, the problem in one ear may appear in both ears in some cases. The most common problem is the prominent ear appearance. Since people are unhappy in terms of aesthetics, they can have a permanent solution with ear aesthetic surgery, which is very easy.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?

If the prominent ear surgery patient is an adult, the procedure is started by giving local anesthesia after the sedative drug. If the patient is at a young age, the procedure is started by applying general anesthesia. The places to be stitched behind the ear are determined. An incision is made on the skin behind the ear and the cartilage tissue is filed through these cuts to give the ear the desired curved appearance. The angle between the ear and the head is narrowed with stitches between the ear surface and the skull bone membrane and the planned shape of the ear is given with stitches. In some cases, the earlobe may also need to be treated to maintain proportion. In this case, the tissue is removed from behind the earlobe. In the last stage, the process is completed with aesthetic sutures.

Things To Consider After Surgery

Things to consider after ear surgery;

  • One day after the operation, dressing must be done.
  • After the first inspection, a hair band is attached that is not too tight but will keep the ears stable. You should wear this band for as long as your doctor recommends.
  • A hair band should be worn for at least 1 month at night to prevent twisting and to protect the ear, especially at night.
  • After the surgery, ice should be applied to reduce swelling.
  • The given drugs should be used completely.
  • There may be numbness in the ear skin tissue for a few weeks, this is normal.
  • Do not apply heat treatments such as hair drying until your doctor approves.
  • The bleeding problem seen after every surgical procedure is also experienced in ear surgeries. There may be blood collection in and behind the ear, and if this occurs, you should consult your doctor.
  • If the area is not touched by hand after the operation, infection may occur.
  • In some cases, the stitches placed in the ear can cause acne formation. In such a situation, notify your doctor and if necessary, the stitches will be removed with a cleaning process.

Is There An Age Limit For Prominent Ear Surgery?

The development of the ear is largely completed after the age of 6. For this reason, if there is a big problem in terms of health, ear surgery can be performed after the age of 6 years. Performing such surgeries at a young age both shortens the recovery period and prevents the psychological traumas that the child will experience in the future. Ear surgery is performed with general anesthesia in children and young people, while it is performed with local anesthesia in adults.

How Long Does Prominent Ear Surgery Take?

Ear surgery usually takes 1.5 hours if no extra situation occurs.

Will There Be Any Scars After Prominent Ear Surgery?

Prominent ear operations are a procedure performed with incisions made on the back of the ear. Therefore, there is no visible trace. Behind the ear, there is a very little obvious scar.

Does Surgery Prevent Hearing?

Ear aesthetic surgeries are operations performed to change the structure of the outer ear, so they do not interfere with hearing.

Will There Be Pain After Prominent Otoplasty?

Since prominent ear surgery is a surgical procedure, it is normal to have pain in the first few days. During this time, you can use pain relievers given by your doctor. However, these pains are not unbearable.

Will İt Be Obvious That Prominent Ear Surgery Was Performed After The Operation?

When you have the first surgery, swelling and bruising occur because of the surgical procedure. These swellings start to go down after 1 week and the stitches are poured, maximum 1 month later, it is not obvious that you have surgery.

When Are The Stitches Removed?

Self-dissolving sutures are generally used in prominent ear surgeries. 1 week after the operation, the sutures begin to dissolve and disappear completely within 2-3 weeks.

When To Take A Bath After Surgery?

After your ear surgery, water should not touch the stitched area for a while. You can take a short bath 1 week after the operation. After 15 days, you can take a bath as you wish.

How Long Does The Headband Wear?

After prominent ear surgery, it is recommended to wear a hair band, especially at night, to prevent the ears from bending and to protect the ears. Although this period varies from person to person, an average of 1 month is recommended.

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