Hair loss and baldness is a common problem for many men and women around the world. Hair becomes sparse over time due to various reasons and falls out completely. Hair transplant İstanbul Hair has a certain developmental stage. The hair that completes the phase falls out over time. However, hair loss due to genetic predisposition, environmental factors, diseases, medications and stress does not regrow. At this stage, hair transplantation offers people a permanent and natural solution. Hair transplantation is an aesthetic application that offers a permanent solution to the problem of baldness faced by many women and men. Istanbul is the leader in hair transplantation Turkey is among the most striking countries in the field of hair transplantation, especially Istanbul is among the cities where the most important centers are located in the hair transplantation turkey sector.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring healthy hair follicles from the donor area to the bald area. New healthy hair follicles are placed in place of the hair shedding due to genetic predisposition or environmental factors, thus ending the bald appearance. Since the hair follicles planted in hair transplantation are resistant to shedding, they do not shed again, so the result is permanent.

Hair transplantation is applied in the form of different techniques and methods, but as a general principle, hair follicles taken from the shedding-resistant donor area are applied in the form of placement in channels opened to the bald area. The donor area is usually determined as the nape area. Because the nape area is the most resistant to spillage.

Hair transplant operations are planned individually. The number of hair follicles to be transplanted, the design of the front hairline and the technique to be applied vary from person to person.

Why Is Hair Transplantation Performed?

Hair is among the most important accessories that complement the physical appearance of men and women. Over time, hair loss occurs due to genetic or environmental factors. If precautions are not taken in the early period, these spills cause permanent baldness. Hair thinning or baldness makes people unhappy aesthetically and psychologically and causes self-confidence problems. Healthy, natural and lush hair provides a younger look and self-confidence. Thanks to hair transplantation, natural and healthy hair is achieved permanently. Since the hair follicles transplanted in hair transplantation are resistant to shedding, they do not fall out again.

To Whom Can Hair Transplantation Be Applied?

When hair loss starts, the cause of hair loss should be determined first. Hair transplantation is not performed for every person with hair loss problem. Hair loss can be caused by different reasons such as genetic predisposition, hormone imbalance, stress, environmental factors. The cause of hair loss should be learned and its treatment should be applied.

Hair has a certain shedding phase. More successful results are obtained if hair transplantation is applied to people who have completed the shedding phases.

It can be legally applied to people who have completed their physical development at the age of 18. However, it is the right thing to apply to those who have completed the shedding phase in order not to experience hair loss again.

For hair transplantation, the person should not be allergic to anesthesia and should not have any blood diseases. The efficiency of the donor area is also very important in hair transplantation. A sufficient number of healthy hair follicles must be present in the donor area for hair transplantation.

Is Hair Transplantation Possible For Women?

Hair loss is a problem for women as well as men. Women who experience hair loss due to various reasons can have hair transplantation just like men. Hair loss in women may be due to genetic reasons or hormones. Generally, hair loss in women is seen in the form of thinning in the front, side and neck parts rather than shedding completely. Hair transplantation provides permanent and natural results for women.

Thanks to the developing technology, unshaven hair transplantation is now possible, so women can easily have hair transplantation.

When Does The Transplanted Hair Start To Grow?

Hair transplantation is a long process and the patient needs to be patient. Shock spills occur in the first 3 months after the operation. After the 6th month, the hair starts to grow again.

It takes 12 to 18 months to get the final result of the hair transplant operation. This process may be shorter or longer. The result of hair transplantation varies from person to person.

Is There Any Pain After Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is not a painful process. Generally, hair transplantation is performed under local anesthesia. Thanks to the local anesthesia applied, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure. If the hair transplantation process takes a long time, local anesthesia is repeated. Hair transplantation is a small surgical procedure and should be performed under anesthesia for the comfort of the patient.

Slight bleeding is experienced during hair transplantation, but no pain is felt. Painkillers are recommended for the patient to avoid pain after the operation.

What Is Shock Loss After Hair Transplantation?

Shock shedding is experienced after the hair transplant operation. Shock loss of the transplanted hair is pouring. This is a normal process in hair transplantation. When the hair falls out, the patients think that the operation has failed and they panic. These spills are normal and do not affect the success of the procedure.

It is considered normal to lose 5-10% of the transplanted hair follicles in hair transplant operations. Live hair follicles maintain their vitality during the transplant and allow the hair to grow. This growth manifests itself in the first week after planting. However, these new hairs break off and fall out. This condition is known as shock shedding. After hair transplantation, 95% of the transplanted hair falls out in the form of shock shedding.

After the shock shedding phase is completed, the hair starts to grow back. Shock shedding occurs within 1-3 months after the operation and after the 4-6th month is completed, the hair starts to grow back.

How Is The First Wash Done After Hair Transplantation?

The first wash after hair transplantation is very important for the rapid healing process. For this reason, the first washing procedure is usually done by the doctor in the planting clinic. The first wash after hair transplantation is usually done 3 days after transplantation. Special shampoos and lotions are used in the first hair transplant. The patient should not wash himself until the first wash. After the first wash by the doctor, the patient can wash himself as recommended.

In the first wash, lotion is applied and left for about 1 hour. After the waiting period is completed, the washing process is completed using a special shampoo.

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