Recovery and getting clear results after hair transplantation is a long process. Patients need to be patient and careful in this process. There are many factors that affect the success of hair transplantation. However, in order for the result of a successful operation to be successful, it is very important for the patient to follow all the instructions after the procedure. There are operations in which unsuccessful results are obtained due to the carelessness of the patient in the procedures that are not a problem in practice. In order not to encounter such an end, you should know and apply in detail what should be considered after the hair transplant operation.

Turkey is very successful in hair transplantation. In Istanbul hair transplantation clinics, a support program is applied for patients after the operation and all information about the process is given to the patients in detail. After the operation, you can solve everything that comes to your mind by contacting your clinic.

What Are The Suggestions After Hair Transplantation?

It is very important for the success of your operation to pay attention to the recommendations of your doctor after hair transplantation. Some suggestions after hair transplantation are;

What Are The Post-Operation Instructions?

There are some instructions that must be strictly followed after hair transplant operations. If you follow these instructions, your hair transplant will be successful. The things that must be strictly followed after hair transplantation are;

How Many Days Should Be Paid Attention After Hair Transplantation?

The most important period of hair transplantation is the first 1 week period. During this period, the patient should rest as much as possible and keep his head upright. At least 15 days should not move fast, heavy lifting should not be.

With regular washing and care of the hair, the channels heal within 15 days and the wounds crust over. After this period, you can slowly return to social life. However, you should continue not to do heavy sports and be careful while sleeping. You should use your medicines completely during the recovery process.

What Is Prohibited After Hair Transplantation?

Some rules that are prohibited and must be followed after hair transplantation are;

What Can Not Be Eaten After Hair Transplantation?

In order to recover faster after hair transplantation, you need to pay attention to your diet. I In order to prevent edema after the procedure, plenty of water should be consumed and salt use should be reduced. What should not be consumed after the operation;

How Many Times A Day Is The Newly Transplanted Hair Washed?

The first wash after the operation is done by the specialist in the clinical environment. This stage requires a lot of attention. In the first wash where special lotions and shampoos are used, the hair follicles are treated slowly and gently so that they are not damaged. The first wash after the operation is usually done on the 2nd or 3rd day.

The patient does the washing after the first washing process. How to wash and the products to be used are explained to the patient in detail. After the first wash, washing should be done regularly once a day for 10-15 days. During washing, special lotions and shampoos should be used, and washing should be carried out by gently massaging without pressure.

Why Does The Transplanted Hair Not Hold?

Hair transplant operations are aesthetic surgical procedures that should be performed by dermatologists or plastic surgeons who are experts in this field. Every surgical procedure has risks, albeit small ones. One of the risks in hair transplant operations is that the transplanted hair follicles cannot adhere. Unattached hair follicles cause the operation to fail.

The reasons for not holding the hair in hair transplantation are;

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