Beard Transplant

Beards, which are the most important facial accessories of men, experience problems such as shedding or thinning due to genetic predisposition or environmental factors. These thinning or spills, which are not aesthetically pleasing, make people psychologically unhappy. Thanks to the methods developed for many years, there is a permanent solution to this problem. Beard transplant operations take on the role of savior of people who have such problems. Your face will be reshaped thanks to beard transplantation, which is carried out using hair follicles on the nape, which is resistant to shedding.

How Is Beard Transplantation Performed?

Beard transplantation offers a permanent solution in case of problems such as genetic predisposition, environmental factors, scarring as a result of injuries and burns, loss or thinning of the beard due to problems such as infection. In case of careful planning and preliminary drawing, people can achieve the beard appearance they want thanks to the beard transplant operation. If beard transplantation, which consists of several stages, is done correctly and carefully, the desired result is achieved. Beard Transplantation consists of 4 stages;

How Many Roots Are Used In Beard Transplantation?

1000-3000 roots can be planted at one time. This number is determined at the planning stage according to the yield of the donor area and the size of the area to be planted. The number of roots to be transplanted varies from person to person.

Do You Feel Pain In Beard Transplant?

Since local anesthesia is applied in the beard transplant operation, pain is not felt throughout the procedure. During the local anesthesia applied with 10-15 injections, a small pain may be felt in the first few injections, other than that, no other pain is felt throughout the procedure.

How Long Does Beard Transplantation Take?

Beard transplantation operations are not long operations like hair transplantation. It takes an average of 1-2 hours due to the smaller number of roots planted and the small areas of the planting area.

How Long Is The Beard Transplantation Recovery Time?

Within 15 days after the beard transplant operation, the canals shed by keeping a crust. The recovery period, which varies from person to person, will be shorter if you take care of yourself, eat well and use the medicines given by the specialist.

Who Is Beard Transplantation For?

What Are The Advantages Of Beard Transplantation?

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