There are two different drugs used in male pattern hair loss. Minoxidil and Finasteride drugs are treatment drugs that stop hair loss and ensure hair growth. The biggest problem of the drugs is that the hair starts to fall out after its use is stopped.

There are some hair treatment applications in addition to drug treatment. You can have these treatments before or after hair transplantation to support the transplantation process. Such supportive treatments can yield very effective results.

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is used to treat problems such as skin diseases, body shaping, hair loss and cellulite. Mesotherapy is the process of applying drugs directly to the skin surface. Substances such as vitamins and minerals necessary for hair and body are injected under the skin with the help of needles.

Mesotherapy is a very effective method in the treatment of hair loss. In hair mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes that the hair needs are injected under the skin and the hair is nourished.

The products applied in hair mesotherapy stimulate the scalp and activate the roots, so that weak hair is activated and begins to grow and become fuller over time.

Mesotherapy Treatment After Hair Transplantation

Mesotherapy treatment after hair transplantation is applied to support hair follicles, prevent infection and ensure healthy growth of new hair. Hair mesotherapy treatment is a procedure applied after the hair transplant operation. It is usually applied in the first month after the hair transplant operation. With hair mesotherapy, hair follicles are activated, so that strong, thick and healthy hair is obtained.

Hair mesotherapy ensures that the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that the hair needs to grow reach the roots.

Hair mesotherapy does not cause new hair to grow. Thanks to mesotherapy, existing but weak hair is strengthened. In this way, the hair looks healthier and stronger.

Since the procedure is performed with a needle, very little redness occurs after the treatment. These rashes go away in a short time. The result of mesotherapy varies from person to person, the age, gender, skin structure of the person are the factors affecting this period.

Mesotherapy treatment is applied as 4-6 sessions every 15 days according to the rate of hair loss. Effect of the procedure 2.-3. It is visible after the session. After mesotherapy, you should not take a shower for 24 hours and do not move too much.

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Applied?

Hair mesotherapy consists of two stages. The purpose of the first stage is to strengthen the hair follicles. In order to strengthen the hair roots, the vitamins that the hair needs and nourish the hair are mixed and injected under the scalp.

The second stage aims to prevent hair loss. In this way, thanks to the hair mesotherapy performed after the hair transplant operation, the hair grows strongly without shedding.

Derma Roller Application

Derma roller application is a treatment method applied simultaneously with PRP and mesotherapy before and after hair transplantation. Special Derma rollers are used during the procedure. In this way, the hair follicles are stimulated and the injected substances can spread more easily.

Derma roller application together with PRP or mesotherapy provides very successful results as it increases the effect of the treatment applied.

Derma roller application is generally recommended to be done in 3 sessions every 15 days. Thanks to these special Derma rollers, the vitamins and minerals applied in PRP and mesotherapy spread better under the skin and the hair follicles are activated. After the procedure, it is necessary to take a shower for 24 hours and not to go out in the sun.

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