The first question that comes to the mind of people who want to have a hair transplant is “Will I feel pain?” is the question. In general, since local anesthesia is applied in all hair transplantation operations, no pain is felt during the procedure. However, some people’s problems such as fear of needles, being uncomfortable at the sight of blood, and panicking cause them to have problems with general hair transplantation. Sleeping hair transplantation is applied as an alternative method that allows these people to have hair transplantation easily. In this way, you will not experience a situation that will require you to panic, as you will be asleep during the hair transplant operation. Since the muscles of the people will relax during sleep, the working environment of the expert and his team will be more comfortable. When the patient has a long procedure time, when he is bored or wants to move, he unwittingly prevents the specialist from working. In order to avoid such a problem, it becomes advantageous for the patient to be asleep both for himself and for the specialist. Some hair transplant procedures are performed in a few sessions because they take a long time. Thanks to sleep hair transplantation, the number of these sessions is reduced. For example, after the collection phase, hair transplantation can be started without a break. Since the hair transplant operation is a long process in terms of time, those who want to spend this time by sleeping wake up at the end of the process without noticing this long process. Patients and specialists who want to have a more comfortable operation can have healthy, natural and permanent hair by choosing the sleep hair transplant method.

What Is Sleep Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplant in sleep; It is the provision of light sleep without loss of consciousness thanks to the medicine given by the specialist physician before the hair transplantation process. The application is performed with sedation, that is, with oral medication or general anesthesia. Since the person is in a sleep state, he does not feel any pain, so he can comfortably complete the long procedure period in sleep. The only difference from other hair transplantation methods is that the patient is asleep. Apart from that, the method to be applied is performed in the same way. The stages of hair transplantation in sleep are as follows;

What Is Anesthesia?

Thanks to local or general anesthesia used in all surgical operations, it provides a comfortable operation without feeling any pain. Anesthesia applied by intravenous or airway is the state of partial or complete sleep of the person.

Anesthesia word; The word “estesia”, which means “sense” in Latin, means “insensitivity” by taking the negative suffix “an”.

What Is Sedo-Analgesia?

Sedation, that is, sleepiness and alnelgesia, is a form of anesthesia that provides relief from pain. Sedoanelgesia, which is an important application, should be applied by experts. This method, which is used in many medical surgical procedures, has recently been used in hair transplant operations. It provides an important convenience for patient comfort and for the working physician and his team.

Before Sleeping Hair Transplant

After Sleeping Hair Transplant

What Are The Advantages Of Sleeping Hair Transplantation?

What Are The Disadvantages Of Sleeping Hair Transplantation?

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