Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation process first started in 1930 with the experiments of the Japanese doctor on animals. However, these experiments did not progress with the beginning of the wars at that time. Then, in 1952, the American doctor performed the first hair transplant operation. Until 1980, planting processes that did not give natural results were carried out. With the development of technology and medicine, hair transplantation has started to be developed after the 1990s. Today, hair transplantation operations with the highest success rate of 99 percent are performed. There are permanent and natural solutions to the problem of hair loss, which is common around the world, thanks to hair transplant operations. Thanks to the hair transplant operation, healthy hair follicles are transferred to the area where the hair is shed, and an aesthetic appearance is achieved with the hair. Thanks to the hair transplantation methods applied for both men and women experiencing hair loss, people gain a healthy hair appearance.

Who is The Hair Transplant Operation Applied To?

For the application of hair transplantation, the patient’s past health problems and examination should be considered. People who are suitable for hair transplantation;

Who is Not Applied Hair Transplant Operation?

Although the hair transplant operation can be applied to many people, in some cases it is not correct to transplant hair. Those who are not suitable for hair transplant operation;

What Are The Advantages Of Hair Transplant Operation?

Hair is one of our most important accessories. As a result of hair loss, people experience psychological self-confidence problems. In addition, due to the lack of an aesthetically pleasing appearance, people are offered a permanent solution thanks to the hair transplant operation. The advantages of hair transplant operations are;

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hair Transplant Operation?

Hair transplant operation is a surgical procedure, albeit at a micro level. As with other surgical procedures, there are certain risks and disadvantages in hair transplantation. The disadvantages of hair transplant operation are;

What Should Be Considered Before Hair Transplantation?

In order for the hair transplant operation to be successful, there are some things to consider before the operation. Paying attention to these points increases the success rate of hair transplantation. Things to consider before the hair transplant operation are;

Treatments To Be Applied After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation operations, additional treatments are performed for stronger hair growth. In this way, the transplanted hair will hold on more easily and come out stronger. The time of application of these treatments is determined by the doctor’s recommendation.

Laser Treatment After Hair Transplantation

Thanks to the laser treatment applied after hair transplantation, the hair follicles located under the skin are stimulated and activated. After the hair transplant operation, painless and painless radiation therapy helps to thicken the hair strands, revive the dead roots, and feed the hair follicles to grow healthier.

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