Should I Go to Turkey for a Hair Transplant?

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Having a hair transplant in Turkey is the best option in the world. Turkey performs the most successful hair transplant surgeries in the world with its affordable hair transplant techniques, well-equipped devices and expert doctor staff. The rate of medical tourism in Turkey is very high. People from all over the world who have sparse […]

How Many Years Does FUE Hair Transplant Last?

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Permanence in the FUE technique is lifelong. With a correct surgical procedure, the transplanted hair continues to grow for life and there is no problem of shedding again. FUE, FUT or DHI, guaranteed hair transplantation is promised in every technique applied correctly. In order for the hair transplant operation to be successful, the technical equipment […]

Is Hair Transplant Permanently?

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Permanence in hair transplantation is lifelong. Regardless of the technique used in hair transplantation, if done professionally, it gives permanent results for a lifetime. People who want to have hair transplant mostly focus on the question of permanence. But people who are going to have a hair transplant do not need to worry about permanence. […]

Can I Use Someone Else’s Hair for a Hair Transplant?

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It is impossible to use someone else’s hair in hair transplantation. It is very likely that someone else’s hair will have a compatibility problem with your skin. This negatively affects the commitment of guaranteed hair transplantation. In addition, for hygienic reasons, hair transplant operation can only be performed with your own hair follicles. If you […]

What is the Best Age to Get Hair Transplant?

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Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone between the ages of 20 and 65. There is no age limit for hair transplant. However, the success rate may decrease at very early or late ages. In hair transplantation procedures performed before the age of 30, it may be necessary to undergo a repeat procedure. Because hair […]

What is Hair Transplantation and by Whom Is It Preferred?

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Hair transplantation is preferred as a permanent solution by people who have sparse hair and baldness problems. People who have hair transplant will have their baldness problems permanently resolved when the process is over. In order for hair transplantation to be permanent and qualified, it is very important that hair transplantation is performed by a […]

Is Hair Transplant Dangerous ?

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Hair transplant damages are not experienced in a successful operation. During hair transplantation, “graft collection” is performed from the donor area of the scalp. In this process, healthy hair follicles in the donor area are transferred to the area where the problem of baldness is experienced. During this procedure, in which modern methods are used, […]

How Long Does The Hair Transplant Healing Process Take?

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The healing process in hair transplantation varies from person to person. The healing process takes about 10 days, but full recovery takes 9 to 10 weeks. In the first ten days, the crusts on the scalp are completely shed. Along with the crusts, the hair transplanted to the skin also falls out. The shedding process […]

What Should Be Done In The Process After Hair Transplantation?

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One of the most curious issues after the hair transplant operation is the post-transplantation process and what needs to be done. There are many factors that affect the success of the hair transplant operation. The fact that the doctor is experienced and applies the right technique, as well as the patient’s carefulness and doing the […]

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Transplantation

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Hair loss and baldness is a common problem for many women and men. Thanks to hair transplantation, permanent and natural solutions are provided to these hair loss and baldness problems. Turkey is very successful in the field of hair transplantation and thousands of people visit Turkey for hair transplantation every year. Istanbul is frequently mentioned […]