Hair Transplant

The most researched issue by those who want to have a hair transplant is what awaits them after the hair transplant procedure. We have prepared for you the process after the hair transplant operation with all the details as day, week and month. It is very important for you to go through these processes carefully for the completion of the hair transplantation process and for you to achieve the desired natural, bushy and permanent hair. Applying everything suggested during the healing process will help the planted hair root seeds to adhere and grow healthily. Although it may seem like a difficult process at first, if you are patient and careful after going through certain stages, you will get through this process comfortably. The process and all the details waiting for you after the hair transplant…

Things To Consider İn The First 3 Days After Hair Transplantation

The most critical process after the hair transplant operation is the first 3 days. At this stage, there are points that you need to pay attention to. In the first three days, every issue you pay attention to will return to you as healthy and permanent hair. The first 3-day process is the attachment and union of the hair follicle seeds in the hair transplant operation. Therefore, being careful at this stage will facilitate the attachment of the hair follicles. This phase is called the rest period. Things to consider in the first 3 days:

Things To Consider On The 4th And 15th Days After Hair Transplantation

After the hair transplant operation, some relief starts from the 4th day. There are important points that you will continue to pay attention to in this process. On the 4th and 15th days after hair transplantation, the things to be considered and the process to be experienced;

Things To Consider On The 16th And 30th Days After Hair Transplantation

On the 16th day, when you have survived the most painful and difficult process of the hair transplant operation, the difficulties experienced in the first 15 days begin to ease. However, you need to continue to be careful during this process. Here are the things you should pay attention to on the 16th and 30th days after the hair transplant operation;

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