Hair transplantation can be applied to anyone between the ages of 20 and 65. There is no age limit for hair transplant. However, the success rate may decrease at very early or late ages. In hair transplantation procedures performed before the age of 30, it may be necessary to undergo a repeat procedure. Because hair loss continues until the 40s. For this reason, it is not recommended to have a hair transplant before the age of 30, but there is no obstacle for people who want to have a hair transplant.

Will the hair that has fallen out grow back?

The regrowth of the lost hair varies according to the situation. If the shed roots are still active, the shed hair may grow back. However, if the follicles are not intact, the shed hair is not expected to grow again. In this case, hair transplantation is preferred. Hair transplant Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for this procedure. Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are among the most successful clinics in the world. Hair transplant İstanbul clinics are among the clinics with the highest technology and equipment in Turkey.

Which is the best season for hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation can be done at any time of the year. However, the most suitable season is specified as Autumn and Winter in order for the process to pass more comfortably after the hair transplant operation. Because more hair loss is seen in the summer months and this can affect the success of the procedure. In addition, it is of great importance in the healing process that the scalp does not sweat after hair transplantation.

For example, in unshaven hair transplant, more complications are seen and therefore the healing process takes longer. Since there will be more sweating in the summer, an even more disadvantageous situation may be experienced in the recovery process after hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be done in the summer, as long as you are careful, but Autumn and Winter months will be a more correct season for hair transplantation due to the reasons stated.

What conditions should be met in hair transplantation besides age?

In addition to the appropriate age range, some conditions must be met in hair transplantation. These conditions are listed as follows:

To whom hair transplantation is not applied?

It is inconvenient to apply the hair transplant process to some people. Conditions where hair transplantation is inconvenient are as follows:

Do I have to be bald to have hair transplant?

There is absolutely no need to be completely bald to have a hair transplant. If there is thinning in your hair, you can easily have a hair transplant. The principle of hair transplantation is to transfer the healthy roots from the donor area to the sparse or bald area. If there is a healthy donor area, hair can be transplanted into sparse areas. In fact, hair transplantation without waiting to be completely bald helps to make natural appearance in hair transplantation.

Will the existing roots be damaged in the hair transplantation made to the sparse area?

Hair transplantation in a sparse area does not harm the existing roots. During the transplant process, the roots taken from the healthy area are moved to the sparse or bald area. During the transportation process, neither the donor area nor the existing hair in the sparse area is damaged.

Is hair transplantation done on very thin hair?

Hair transplantation can also be performed on thin hair. The important thing here is that the hair follicles in the donor area are healthy. More grafts are collected in thin hair than in normal hair. Apart from this, there is no other difference in hair transplantation.

How long is the life of the transplanted hair?

The permanence of the hair attached to the skin in the hair transplantation process is lifelong. It may need to be repeated only if the hair transplant was done at a very early age. Apart from this, 1 year after hair transplantation, the hair that sticks to the skin does not fall out again for a lifetime. Hair follicles are transplanted to the bald or sparse area, usually from the back of the ear and the nape. The hair here is known for not falling out for life.

Can hair transplant be done to people who are congenitally bald?

People who do not have congenital hair cannot undergo hair transplantation. In order for hair transplantation to be performed, there must be an area with healthy hair follicles in the scalp. Hair cannot be transplanted in people who are congenitally bald, since this area is absent. In the transplant process, stem cells must be present.

How many times can hair transplant be done?

There is no limit to the number of hair transplantation procedures, but the hair transplantation process should be performed at most 3 times. It is not recommended to have more than 3 hair transplants.

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