In order to achieve success in the treatment of hair loss, the cause of hair loss must be found first. After the cause of hair loss is found, the treatment applied will give successful results. After learning the cause of hair loss, what needs to be done to achieve healthy hair should be well researched and applied. Failure to intervene in the early period of hair loss causes permanent hair loss. Hair transplant operations are a salvage treatment when permanent loss is experienced. In the initial shedding stages, additional treatments such as hair mesotherapy and PRP are very effective methods.

Turkey is a country where modern methods are applied in hair loss treatments as in hair transplantation. Having specialist doctors in the field of hair treatment and hair transplantation is a great advantage. Istanbul is among the best choices for hair transplant and hair loss treatments.

What Is Hair Loss?

Losing 50-100 strands of hair in daily life is considered normal. A healthy person has an average of 100,000 hairs. Hair starts to fall out over time for various reasons. Some causes of hair loss;

If the problem of hair loss lasts longer than 2 months and the amount is increasing day by day, a specialist doctor should be consulted without delay. Taking precautions at the very beginning of the hair loss phase prevents permanent hair loss.

Every hair has a lifespan. Hair usually has a lifespan of 4-6 years. The longest phase of the hair is the growth phase. In this phase, the hair grows by an average of 1 cm per month and then goes into the resting phase. After a resting phase that lasts for a few weeks, the hair passes into the final phase of shedding. The development phase of the hair lasts for years in this way. Due to reasons such as age, diseases, genetic predisposition, after a while, new hair does not replace the shed hair, and sparseness or baldness begins to occur in the hair. These stages and their rates differ in men and women. Baldness is less common in women. In men, if there is a genetic predisposition, hair loss begins to accelerate after the age of 25-30.

What Causes Hair Loss In Children?

Hair loss is generally seen after adolescence and in later ages. However, due to some diseases and factors such as stress, hair loss problem is also experienced in childhood.

Hair loss seen in childhood is usually due to diseases. Alopecia Areata, popularly known as ringworm, is the most common disease-related hair loss in children. As a result of this disorder, which is seen in girls and boys, regional hair loss and baldness occur on the scalp. If the ringworm problem is not treated in the early period, there is a risk of loss of all hair. Ringworm causes loss of eyebrows and eyelashes.

Girls’ hair collection, hard combing and use of wrong hair care products also cause hair loss in childhood.

Hair pulling disease, which is a psychological disorder, also causes regional shedding. Apart from these reasons, vitamin and mineral deficiency can also lead to hair loss.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

The most effective treatment for hair loss and permanent hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is the process of taking healthy hair follicles and transferring them to the bald area. Thanks to hair transplant operations, patients with hair loss problems get permanent and natural looking hair. Hair transplantation is applied in the last stage of hair loss. Since the transplanted hair follicles are resistant to shedding, the patient does not experience hair loss again.

What Is Drug Treatment In Hair Loss?

There are highly effective drugs approved by the world health organization for hair loss. Drug therapy is a treatment that is effective at the stage when hair loss is just beginning. It is very important at this stage to detect hair loss in a timely manner and to start drug treatment.

Drug treatment is applied to increase the number of hair, to strengthen thinning hair and to stop further hair loss. In case of permanent hair loss, drug treatment is not effective.

What Is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a very effective treatment method for hair loss. Hair mesotherapy is the process of injecting substances such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, which are necessary for the healthy growth and development of the hair, directly into the skin with the help of micro needles. Hair mesotherapy is applied by injecting beneficial substances under the skin with an average of 1 cm intervals and then massaging the head area. Thanks to hair mesotherapy, the existing hair gets stronger and the hair in a passive state starts to grow again. Thanks to hair mesotherapy, hair loss decreases and stops completely over time. Hair mesotherapy applied to men and women who have hair loss problems is applied 5-10 sessions on average, this number varies according to the needs of the patient. The procedure is usually applied at intervals of 5 days. After the sessions are completed, it can be applied once a year as a cure.

The needle used in hair mesotherapy is very fine-tipped and if necessary, numbing creams are used so that the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.

What Is Prp Hair Treatment?

PRP treatment is among the most effective treatments for hair loss. PRP treatment is the process of obtaining rich plasma by taking the patient’s own blood and separating it. The obtained plasma is injected under the scalp to nourish and strengthen the hair follicles. PRP treatment gives very successful results, especially in patients who experience hair loss due to genetic factors. If PRP hair loss treatment is applied after hair transplantation operations, it also increases the success rate of hair transplantation.

What Should Be Done For Healthy Hair?

There are some things that need to be considered in order to prevent hair loss and to have healthy hair. If you pay attention to these points, your hair loss may decrease or even stop completely. Things to do for healthy hair;

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