Hair transplantation operations are a procedure that has been applied for many years and provides a permanent solution to baldness. Due to reasons such as genetic predisposition, environmental factors, and aging, especially men experience hair loss problem. As a result of irregular nutrition, hormonal imbalance, and diseases, women experience serious hair loss and male pattern baldness. Thanks to hair transplant operations, a permanent and natural solution is provided to the balding appearance, which causes problems in terms of appearance and psychology.

Thanks to the developing technology, improvements have been made in hair transplantation methods and equipment used. In this way, new methods and application forms have been developed and success rates have increased even more.

After deciding to have a hair transplant operation, many questions arise in the minds of patients. The first of these is where they will have the transplant operation. The clinic or hospital where you will have the hair transplant operation affects your successful results.

Hair transplantation operations have become a very popular sector around the world in recent years. When this is the case, the number of clinics performing hair transplant operations is increasing day by day due to the competition. The job of those who want to have a hair transplant becomes more difficult at this point. The more options there are, the more research is needed and it takes time to find the most reliable clinic. It is very important to choose the clinic and doctor you prefer for the hair transplant operation that will change your life permanently.

I hope you realize that our clinic will be the right choice for you as a result of your research by prioritizing the criteria in the continuation of our article, have a good reading.

Research Your Doctor Well

The success of the hair transplant operation is highly determined by the experience and dexterity of the doctor who will perform the procedure. You need to learn all the information about the specialist who will perform the procedure in the clinic you are considering. The school where the doctor is educated, his experience in the field of hair transplantation, the success rate in the previous procedures are the basic things that need to be known.

In some clinics, the name of the doctor is used, but the team performs the procedure. In order to avoid such a situation, always inquire who will perform the procedure beforehand.

Review The Trainings Received

You should inquire about the education status of the specialist doctor and his team, the certificates they have and the training they have attended. With the developing technology, medicine is also developing and it is necessary to see whether the specialist follows these developments.

In addition, the awards the clinic has will allow you to have an idea.

Ask Questions About The Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that should be performed by a specialist doctor and his team. Hair transplantation process performed by fake people under the name of a doctor may cause irreversible permanent damage. To avoid this situation, you need to do a good research.

Hair transplantation operation should be performed in hospitals, polyclinics or medical centers approved by the Ministry of Health. When choosing a clinic, first make sure that the center is approved by the Ministry of Health. The next step is to make sure that the doctor who will perform the procedure has the necessary documents and experience.

A good clinic should have adequate equipment and expert staff to intervene with the patient in case of any adverse situation.

The success rate of hair transplantation is determined by an accurate planning as well as a good doctor. Inquire in detail about the clinic’s planning before and after the operation.

Examine The Before-After Results Of The Transactions Made

Thanks to social media and the internet, you can have an idea about the clinics. You can get information about the hair transplant procedure by looking at the before and after photos shared on the clinic’s website or social media account. In this way, it is possible to see that the procedures give natural results. A good clinic will share its practices without hesitation and reveal its success, so that those who did not have the opportunity to go to the clinic before will have information.

See Internet And Social Media Comments

Today, the digital world and social media are the easiest resources to research on any subject. Many complaint sites have positive or negative comments about clinics, so you can have an idea about the clinic.

If the clinic has social media, the comments of the followers may also be an idea for you. You can research the clinic thanks to the shares and comments.

Query The Methods Used

There are 2 different hair collection methods that are accepted worldwide, these are FUE and FUT methods. Likewise, 2 f around the world There are different sowing methods, these are manual and DHI methods. FUE and DHI methods are the applications with the highest success rate. You should question which method the clinic uses and its success rates.

Hair transplant operation is a surgical procedure and is usually performed under local anesthesia. After local anesthesia is applied, no pain is felt during the procedure. However, a small amount of pain is felt when anesthesia is administered with a needle. The rate of this pain varies according to the pain threshold of the person. After the operation, there is pain, but it can be suppressed with the painkillers used.

Get Information About Hair Transplant Operation

Although hair transplant operation is easy, it is a surgical procedure and people may be nervous. The quality standard of the clinic, the success rate, the methods applied and all the details about the operation are curious by the patients. A successful and experienced clinic provides detailed, clear and accurate information to patients on any subject they are curious about.

Having medical knowledge of the details of the hair transplantation method to be applied, donor area information, how many hair follicles will be collected, operation success rate, shedding rate, and natural result rate increases the reliability of the clinic.

Post-Operative Support

It is a long process after the hair transplant operation. In this process, a different effect is encountered almost every month. You should know well what you should and should not do about these innovations, so the success rate of the operation will increase. A good clinic will support you before and after this process and you can find answers to all your questions in them.

Ask About Your Revision Right

All clinics and doctors want the hair transplant operation to be successful and guarantee it, but not paying attention to the drugs used after the procedure, smoking alcohol use, and not doing the necessary care reduce the success rate of the operation.

If you follow all the recommendations and the operation goes well, but the hair does not grow, you should talk about how the clinic will support you. Physicians and clinics who rely on the applied procedure already give the guarantee of renewal.

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