Hair transplantation methods, which have been applied for many years and offer a permanent solution to baldness, have many advantages. You can have permanent and natural hair as a result of hair transplantation procedures that increase self-confidence and happiness, especially for women and men who are aesthetically unhappy due to hair loss and baldness.

What Is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is the process of transferring hair follicles taken from the donor area, where the hair is dense, to the balding area.

To Whom Hair Transplantation Is Applied?

Hair transplantation can be applied to many healthy men and women. Those who are suitable for hair transplantation are;

To Whom Is Hair Transplantation Not Applied?

Some people for whom hair transplantation will not be applied are;

What Are The Growth Stages Of Hair Follicles?

Hair basically has 3 growth phases. Every hair grows, stops and falls out. 85% of the hair is in the growth phase and a hair has an average lifespan of 2-6 years. Each hair strand grows about 10 cm on average during this period and after completing the growth phase, they wait for 3 weeks in the resting phase and then fall out. After the hair falls out, they go back to the growth phase and start to grow again. The growth stages of hair follicles are;

What Are The Advantages Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation procedures provide a permanent solution to hair loss and baldness. Some of the advantages of hair transplantation procedures are;

What Are The Disadvantages Of Hair Transplantation?

While there are many advantages of hair transplantation, some disadvantages may occur in transplantation operations that are not applied correctly. Some disadvantages of hair transplantation are;

When Does Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation?

Getting the results of hair transplantation is a long process. During this process, the necessary instructions must be followed and patience must be observed. 1-2 months after the hair transplant operation, shock loss occurs and the hair strands attached to the transplanted roots fall out. 4-6 months after the operation, the shed hair starts to grow back and becomes visible. Within 1 year after transplantation, 90% of the transplanted hair will grow. The net results of hair transplantation will be achieved within 12-18 months.

Is Hair Transplant The Final Solution?

Hair transplantation is a treatment method that offers a definitive solution for baldness and hair transplantation. Many people experience hair loss problem. If early precautions are taken and treated, hair loss can be stopped or baldness can be delayed. In some patients, even if treatment is applied to hair loss due to genetic reasons, positive results cannot be obtained. Hair transplantation is a definite, permanent and natural solution for patients with such problems.

When Should A Hair Transplant Be Done?

There is no definite date and season for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be done to individuals who have completed the age of 18 legally. However, in order for the hair transplant to be successful, it would be more accurate to complete the shedding phases.

Hair transplantation can be applied in all seasons, but you should be careful not to sweat and protect yourself from the sun in summer.

How Long Does Hair Transplantation Take?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and requires a lot of attention. According to the method applied in hair transplantation and how many hair follicles will be transplanted, there are changes in the procedure time of hair transplantation operations. Generally, hair transplantation methods take between 4-10 hours. During this time, you can do activities such as reading, watching TV, eating.

Is Hair Transplantation A Painful Procedure?

Local anesthesia is usually used in hair transplant operations. For patients with a fear of needles, hair transplantation is performed with sedation, that is, in half-sleep. which momentThe patient does not feel any pain or pain during the hair transplantation procedure, regardless of the aesthesia method applied. Painkillers are recommended to patients for pain that may occur after the procedure.

Can Women Have Hair Transplantation?

Thanks to the developing technology and modern medicine, hair transplant operations are also applied to women today. There is no shaving phase in hair transplantation applied to women. Since there is no shaving phase in the DHI hair transplant method, it is easily applied to women.

Can Hair Transplantation Be Performed With Hair Roots Taken From Someone Else?

The answer to this question is definitely no. The tissue and cell structure of the hair follicles used in hair transplantation should be compatible with the hairless part of the person. This harmony does not occur in hair follicles taken from someone else, and even if hair transplantation is performed, the hair falls out before it can hold.

Which Is The Best Method For Hair Transplantation?

Every method applied correctly for hair transplantation is the best method and results in success. Not every technique is right for every patient. For this reason, there are some criteria that determine the hair transplantation method to be applied to the patients. Gender, age, expectation from hair transplantation are some of the criteria that determine which method will be applied. The hair transplantation method determined by considering these criteria will be the best method for the patient. Hair transplantation methods applied in Turkey are quite successful in themselves.

Will Hair Grow Again In The Root Area?

The hair follicles used for hair transplantation are usually taken from the shedding-resistant nape area. Since the hair taken from the donor area in hair transplantation is taken together with the roots, hair does not grow back in that area. However, this situation should not make you nervous, you will not have a problem such as regional baldness. Since the hair follicles taken from the donor area are taken intermittently, very little thinning occurs instead of baldness, and this sparseness decreases to levels that cannot be seen as the other hair grows.

Does Hair Transplant Really Work?

Hair transplantation is a medical surgical procedure that offers permanent and natural solutions for men and women who have problems such as hair loss, thinning and baldness. Since hair follicles, which are genetically resistant to shedding, are used in hair transplantation operations, the transplanted hair does not shed again. In this way, hair transplant operations are permanent procedures that really work.

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