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There are many unanswered questions in the minds of everyone who has hair loss and baldness and is considering a hair transplant. We have brought together the most frequently asked questions and answers about the hair transplant operation for you. You can find answers to all your questions in our article.

Do The Planted Hair Follicle Seeds Fall Out?

Since hair transplantation is performed using the seeds of hair follicles taken from the nape-resistant area, there is almost no possibility of shedding. Permanent hair transplantation is performed with the correct transplantation process and the selection of healthy hair follicles.

When Does The Hair Grow After Hair Transplantation?

Shock shedding occurs between 3 and 6 months after hair transplantation. After that, the hair starts to grow back. At the end of 12 to 18 months, the net result becomes visible.

Is Unshaven Hair Transplantation Possible?

Thanks to the developing technology, it is possible to perform hair transplantation without shaving or partially shaving with newly produced materials. DHI hair transplantation method is a method applied without shaving.

When Should Hair Transplantation Be Done?

It is best to perform the hair transplant operation at the stage where the hair loss accelerates and stops completely. Thus, it is known exactly how much hair will be transplanted in which area and the higher the probability of obtaining permanent results.

Will There Be Swelling After Hair Transplantation?

This is a situation that varies from person to person. After the hair transplant operation, swelling may occur as less water consumption and excessive salt intake will cause edema. Keeping your head upright as much as possible after the hair transplant operation will prevent edema formation. The more careful you are, the less likely bloating will be.

Will There Be Pain After The Hair Transplant Operation?

Pressure should not be applied to the head area for the first 15 days after hair transplantation. Therefore, accessories such as hats should not be used during this period.

Is A Root Taken From The Chest Or Beard For Hair Transplantation?

Currently, roots are taken for hair transplantation from the chest and beard areas, but these areas are not preferred because the probability of retention is very low, and the structure of the hair in these areas may not be the same as the hair structure, which makes it difficult to achieve the natural appearance.

When To Return To Social Life After Hair Transplantation?

The most critical period after the hair transplant operation is the first 3 days. During this period, you may experience mild edema and swelling, bleeding from small cuts in your head area. Between 3 and 7 days, these small wounds become crusted and depending on you, you can return to your social life after at least 3 days.

How Many Days Is The Hospital Or Clinic Duration?

After you decide to have a hair transplant procedure, you come to the provincial clinic or hospital for information about the operation and for a preliminary examination. Then you will arrive on the date of the transaction. You will be discharged the same day after your procedure. Afterwards, it is necessary to come to the clinic for the first washing process on the day determined by the specialist. Apart from this, there is no need to come to the clinic or hospital unless the specialist deems it necessary.

How Many Days Does The Hair Transplant Operation Take?

Hair transplant operation takes between 6 and 12 hours unless an extra situation occurs. The procedure is performed on the same day and the person is discharged.

Is It Necessary To Stay In The Hospital After Hair Transplantation?

Although hair transplantation is evaluated in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, it is not a heavy procedure like other surgical procedures. Since the hair transplant operation is performed with local anesthesia, the patient is discharged shortly after the procedure. It is necessary to stay in the hospital for the hair transplant operation.

  1. DHI hair transplantation method: It is the hair transplantation process by taking the hair root seeds with a special choi medical pen and applying light pressure to the area to be transplanted with the help of the same pen, without opening a channel.
  2. FUE hair transplantation method: With the help of special sharp-edged blades, hair root seeds are collected from the donor area and kept under special protection. After the collection process, the hair follicle seeds are planted in the channels opened by opening the channels in the area to be transplanted.

Who Can Not Have A Hair Transplant?

Those who cannot have hair transplantation;

Is It Possible To Fix A Bad Hair Transplant?

As a result of the selection of inexperienced doctors and teams who are not experts, there are cases where the hair transplant is not satisfied. As a result of opening the wrong angled channels and not placing the roots in the channels correctly, the hair follicles cannot hold and new ones may not grow. In such cases, a second hair transplant is required. 2. In the hair transplantation process, the wrong procedure can be corrected with the right choice.

Does Existing Hair Fall Out As A Result Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is usually done to people who have completed hair loss, so that the hair that needs to be shed is shed, leaving healthy hair roots. Hair transplantation is performed with hair root seeds taken from healthy hair. Since the unhealthy hair that needs to be shed is no longer, the existing hair does not fall out after hair transplantation. Hair transplantation does not have any side effects such as shedding hair.

Is There An Age Limit For Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is not ethically and legally applied to those under the age of 18. The upper age limit for hair transplantation is not certain. It is necessary to have a healthy hair follicle and number for hair transplantation, which is important in hair transplantation operation, which is over the age of 18, who has completed the shedding rate and period. Hair transplantation is performed for those who have these characteristics.

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