Hair transplant damages are not experienced in a successful operation. During hair transplantation, “graft collection” is performed from the donor area of the scalp. In this process, healthy hair follicles in the donor area are transferred to the area where the problem of baldness is experienced. During this procedure, in which modern methods are used, it is ensured that the person will not encounter any complications. Hair transplant doesn’t cause any harm if it is done in qualified hands and the necessary hygiene measures are taken.

Is hair transplant risk for life?

The hair transplant process does not pose a life-threatening risk for the person who has the hair transplant. Before hair transplantation, detailed health screening is done in clinics. In this screening, hair transplantation is not applied to people whose health status is at risk. For example, hair transplantation cannot be applied to people with diabetes, heart and liver disease.

In the scans, people who do not have any risk in terms of health can have hair transplantation. Local problems are usually seen after the hair transplant procedures of these people. For example, edema and crusting can be seen in the hair transplant area. But these problems do not threaten general health. Shortly after the operation, the problems disappear and the person who has the hair transplant returns to his normal life in a short time.

What harms the transplanted hair?

Problems experienced in transplanted hair are usually caused by a careless care process after the procedure. In order for the hair transplant procedure to be successful, the person must take care of it meticulously and carefully. The things that the person who has hair transplantation should pay attention to are as follows:

Which country is the best for hair transplant?

Turkey is the most preferred country for hair transplant. People who want to have hair transplant often do research for hair transplant Turkey. The best clinics in Turkey are located in Istanbul. Hair transplant Istanbul is the primary choice of people who want to have hair transplant. It is very important that the clinic preferred for hair transplantation has high technology.

The use of cutting-edge methods is of great importance for the success of hair transplantation. In addition, the person who performs hair transplantation is expected to be professional and experienced. Hair transplantation is a difficult and time-consuming procedure. In order to perform this operation, the person performing the hair transplant should have the necessary patience and experience.

How is unshaven hair transplant performed?

Unshaven hair transplant is one of the most used techniques in the world. In order to use this technique, the person who will have hair transplantation must have certain criteria. The number of grafts used in unshaven hair transplantation is limited. For this reason, unshaven hair transplantation makes it difficult to achieve a natural appearance in hair transplantation for people who experience complete baldness.

Unshaven hair transplantation should be preferred in people who have sparse hair problems. Sapphire FUE technique is one of the most used techniques in unshaven hair transplantation. With the Sapphire FUE technique, healthy hair follicles collected from the nape area are transferred to the problem area.

Why do people go to Turkey for hair transplant?

Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for hair transplant. Clinics in Turkey have high-tech equipment for hair transplant. Therefore, people from all over the world come to Turkey for hair transplant. In addition to high technology, many doctors in Turkey are competent to perform hair transplantation. It is recommended that people who have hair loss problems prefer Turkey for a guaranteed hair transplant.

What are the disadvantages of hair transplant?

Disadvantages of hair transplantation may be due to the fact that hair transplantation is performed in novice hands. In order not to experience these disadvantages, it is essential that hair transplantation be performed in quality clinics. Hair transplant provides an advantage, not a disadvantage, to people with baldness. The advantages of hair transplantation are as follows:

Does hair transplant last forever?

A lifetime success is promised in hair transplantation. If the hair transplant operation is performed in a good clinic and the care after the operation is done properly, the permanence is lifelong. If hair transplantation is done at a very early or young age, the success rate may be affected. Hair transplantation, especially before the age of 30, may need to be repeated.

Therefore, it is recommended to have hair transplant after the age of 30 and before the age of 65. Hair continues to shed until the age of 30, which may cause the hair not to hold in the area where the procedure is applied. However, if all the criteria are carefully fulfilled, the hair transplant process will give a definite result in one go.

Can you lose transplanted hair?

It is very unlikely that the transplanted hair will shed again. Hair transplantation performed in the appropriate age range is successful for a lifetime. However, the problem of shedding can be observed in hair transplantation performed at a very early age. Apart from this, if proper care is taken, hair loss will not be in question.

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