Permanence in the FUE technique is lifelong. With a correct surgical procedure, the transplanted hair continues to grow for life and there is no problem of shedding again. FUE, FUT or DHI, guaranteed hair transplantation is promised in every technique applied correctly.

In order for the hair transplant operation to be successful, the technical equipment and expert staff of the preferred clinic are very important. In order for the preferred technique to be permanent for life, it is necessary to make the clinical selection carefully. The right equipment and the right surgical team ensure that the person with hair loss problem has permanent hair for life. In order for the applied selection technique to be successful, it is necessary to be careful after the surgery.

Does FUE stop balding?

The success of the FUE technique is approximately 95%. If the technique is applied correctly, it solves the problem of people who have genetic hair loss problems for a lifetime. FUE technique is one of the most preferred techniques in hair transplant. The procedure, in which the hair follicles are collected one by one, is performed with the unshaven hair transplantation technique. The grafts collected in the FUE technique are transferred to the area with sparse hair. With this method, natural appearance in hair transplantation is performed.

The FUE technique is among the state-of-the-art hair transplantation methods, so it is widely preferred among people with baldness problems. Hair transplant Turkey clinics successfully apply the FUE method to people who need it.

Is an incision made in the FUE method?

No incision is made in the FUE method. In the FUE technique, hair follicles are collected by graft method and transferred to the bald area. There is no incision or stitching in this method and it is preferred by most people with this feature. After hair transplantation with the FUE technique, you do not need to care for stitches.

The FUE method is one of the highest technology methods. It provides great success even in a large bald area. Most people prefer the FUE method rather than the older FUT technique. After the operation with the FUE technique, permanent hair is promised for life. The hair transplanted to the bald area continues to grow for a lifetime and does not fall out.

This technique, which offers life-long permanence in one go, is one of the most preferred techniques in clinics in Turkey.

Is the FUE method unshaven?

People who prefer the FUE technique should shave. If this technique is not shaved, the grafts cannot be collected correctly. In addition to the FUE technique, the DHI technique does not require shaving. The reason for this is that the DHI technique appeals to people who have sparse hair problems in a narrower area. The FUE technique, on the other hand, is applied to people who have baldness problems in a wider area.

If you are experiencing intense baldness, you can choose the state-of-the-art FUE technique with peace of mind. In the FUE method, no pain is felt during the procedure and shaving in this technique provides more advantages than disadvantages. DHI should be preferred for unshaven hair transplantation for those who have sparse hair problems in a narrower area.

Does FUE leave scars in recipient area?

FUE technique leaves no trace. If this technique has been applied successfully, no scar will be seen in the donor area. People who do not want to have scar problems in hair transplantation should pay attention to their clinic choice in this sense.

The FUE technique can take between 4 and 9 hours, making it a process that requires patience and attention. If the doctors in the preferred clinic do not show enough care, the procedure may leave scars. For this reason, you should carefully choose the doctor you will have surgery and trust him. In addition, the equipment of the devices in the clinic is also of great importance. A good surgical team and a good device combination should be provided in order to avoid scars in the FUE technique.

How long do FUE scars last?

In the FUE technique, the scars disappear within a few weeks. This period may take several months for some. The process of hair transplant surgery is personal, the specified time periods refer to the average. After the FUE technique, there is no visible scar, only if the hair is used very short, the scars can be noticed a little, but they do not have a negative effect on the image of the person.

The scars that appear in the few weeks following the surgery cause many people to worry, but the worries are unfounded. It is normal to see scars immediately after the operation and disappear in a short time. In order for the scar to be temporary, you should carefully choose the place where you have hair transplant surgery.

Can you hide FUE transplant?

You can choose a loose hat to hide the FUE technique. But you should make sure that this hat does not touch the operated area. In the first few days following the surgery, the hair transplant area is very sensitive. Any contact, aggressive movement or perspiration can affect the attachment of hair follicles.

In order for the procedure to be successful, the person who has the operation must have some patience. It should not be forgotten that if the small rules and doctor’s advice are followed, you will have permanent hair for life.

How many times can you do FUE?

If the operation is performed successfully, there is no need for a second operation in the FUE technique. FUE technique gives permanent results in one go. People who are not satisfied with the applied technique may need a revision, but a second operation is not necessary in the surgery performed by a good doctor. It is recommended to apply the FUE technique no more than 3 times.

The probability of leaving scars increases in transactions performed more than 3 times. For this reason, it is recommended that the hair transplant surgery, which will be applied for the first time, be performed in a good clinic.

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