The healing process in hair transplantation varies from person to person. The healing process takes about 10 days, but full recovery takes 9 to 10 weeks. In the first ten days, the crusts on the scalp are completely shed. Along with the crusts, the hair transplanted to the skin also falls out. The shedding process continues in this area for 3 months. At the end of 3 months, the attached hair starts to grow. Between 10 months and 1 year, the hair transplant area takes the desired shape.

When will the donor area heal for hair transplantation?

A certain area is used as a donor area for hair transplantation. The donor area heals in 3 to 7 days. The healing process may differ from person to person. During the healing process, partial swelling and bruising may be observed in the donor area. It is useful to consider what the specialist says about the healing process of the donor area. Some ways can be followed to speed up recovery. For example:

These steps accelerate the healing process in the donor area.

Why is sexual intercourse forbidden after hair transplantation?

It is not recommended to have sexual intercourse after hair transplantation. After hair transplantation, the retention of the hair in the area is of great importance for the success of the procedure. In order for the hair to hold in this area, the roots must not be hit in any way. For example, if hair transplantation is performed with the FUE technique, cuts occur in certain areas of the head. For cut areas, sweating should be avoided. For this reason, sexual intercourse should not be performed for two weeks after hair transplantation.

What are the things that should not be done after hair transplantation?

It is very important to be careful for a certain period of time after hair transplantation in terms of the healing process. Following are the things that should not be done after hair transplantation:

Where to go for hair transplant?

In order to have a hair transplant, the clinic where the procedure will take place should be chosen meticulously. must. People who want to achieve successful results do extensive research for hair transplant Turkey. Turkey is one of the most preferred countries for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation Istanbul includes clinics with high success in hair transplantation.

When choosing a clinic for hair transplantation, you should definitely have an idea about the technology of the clinic. There are many techniques in hair transplantation. In clinics with a wide range of techniques, it is easier to choose the most appropriate treatment method.

Is shaving compulsory in hair transplantation?

Shaving is not compulsory in hair transplantation. With the developing technology, unshaven hair transplantation has become one of the most preferred techniques. Local anesthesia is used in unshaven hair transplantation and the operation time increases by 50%. Hair transplantation, which normally takes 4 to 5 hours, takes 8 to 10 hours in the unshaven method.

As the operation time increases, it becomes more difficult to create a hygienic environment. For this reason, unshaven hair transplantation must be done in a good clinic. Since the risk of complications is higher in unshaven hair transplantation, more care should be taken during the recovery period.

What percentage of hair transplants are successful?

The success rate of hair transplantation performed in a good center varies between 85 percent and 95 percent. This rate is determined by the success of the transplanted grafts. The probability of failure in hair transplantation performed under the control of a doctor is very low. A qualified clinic should be preferred for guaranteed hair transplantation.

Improperly used equipment and a careless procedure cause hair transplantation to fail. The techniques used in hair transplantation require patience and experience. Transactions made by people who do not have this experience have a higher failure rate.

How to remove edema after hair transplantation?

The edema experienced after hair transplantation begins to decrease within 1 week. Edema that occurs in hair transplantation is excreted in the urine by mixing with the body circulation. It is very important to keep the head high during this process in order for the edema to be removed quickly. Also, one should drink plenty of water. If the hair transplant doctor has recommended a medicine for edema, it should definitely be used. In order for edema to pass quickly, smoking and alcohol should be avoided.

The amount of salt used should be reduced during the period of edema removal. Salt causes more edema to form in the body. A balanced diet is as important as paying attention to physical activities during the recovery process. If the edema that occurs after hair transplantation is still not removed from the body after 2 weeks, you should definitely contact the clinic where you had the procedure.

When is edema in hair transplantation dangerous?

Edema in hair transplantation is a natural part of the process. However, if edema is present in the eyes, wrists and ankles, a doctor should be consulted. The doctor’s advice should be strictly followed and if a drug has been prescribed, it should be started to use.

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