The most important thing to be aware of and know in detail in hair transplantation operations is the process to be experienced before and after the operation. It is very important to pay attention to these points in order for your hair transplant operation to be successful.

Turkey is among the countries that attract attention as it provides professional service to patients before and after hair transplantation. Istanbul hair transplant clinics are also very successful in terms of service.

How İs The Hair Transplant Process?

Hair transplantation process differs according to the method applied. While some methods have a grooving phase, some methods do not have a grooving phase. Although there are differences in the stages, the basic principle of hair transplantation is the transfer of healthy hair follicles to the bald area.

Collection Of Hair Roots

One of the common stages in all hair transplantation methods is the application of local anesthesia. Thanks to the anesthesia applied, the patient does not feel any pain during the procedure.

One of the common stages in all hair transplantation procedures is the collection of hair follicles. At this stage, suitable hair follicles are taken from the donor area where healthy hair follicles are located and placed in the channels opened for hair transplantation. The hair follicles collected in the FUE technique are separated into groups of one, two, and three, and are kept in a special solution until planting. In the DHI hair transplant method, the collected hair follicles are placed in the area to be transplanted without waiting.

Opening Channels

Another phase of hair transplant operations is the channel opening phase. Micro channels are opened on the balding skin to place the hair follicles collected during the channel opening phase. Nu channels are small enough to fit the hair follicle. The angle of these opened channels should be determined according to the direction of the other hairs. This stage is very important for hair transplantation to look natural. In the DHI hair transplantation method, there is no channel opening phase.

Transfer Of Hair Roots

The last stage of hair transplantation operations is the placement of hair follicles. Hair follicles collected from the donor area and under protection are placed one by one into the opened channels. At this stage, it is very important to place the hair follicle properly and at the right angle. After the hair follicles are placed, the hair transplant operation is completed.

In DHI hair transplantation method, since there is no channel opening stage, the hair follicle taken from the donor area with a special medical pen is placed under the skin by applying light pressure to the bald area with the help of the same pen.

Recovery Period

The newly transplanted hair continues to grow for an average of 2 weeks and then begins to fall out. This shedding is called shock shedding and this is normal. The canals begin to heal within 15 days after the operation. After 3-4 months, the shed hair starts to grow again.

Hair Transplant Operation Time

The duration of the hair transplant operation varies from person to person, according to the hair transplant method applied, the number of hair follicles to be transplanted and the experience of the specialist. Generally, FUE hair transplantation takes 6-8 hours, while DHI hair transplantation can take 8-10 hours.

What Are The Warnings Before Hair Transplantation?

Some warnings made to patients before hair transplantation;

What Are The Warnings After Hair Transplantation?

Some of the warnings made to the patients after the hair transplant operation and some of the things that need attention are;

First Washing Process

The first wash after the hair transplant operation should be done by the doctor. Generally, the first wash on the 2nd or 3rd day of the operation is done using special shampoos and lotions. Afterwards, you can wash your hair yourself using special products as told by your doctor.

Sensitivity İn The Hair Transplant Area

Since hair follicles are taken from the donor area during hair transplantation, there is a sensitivity in that area. Sensitivity occurs due to the opening of the canal in the area where hair transplantation is performed. This situation improves 15 days after the operation.

Redness And Crusting

Due to tissue damage in the donor area and the area where the canal was opened, the girl rifts occur. The area where the canal is opened begins to heal within 15 days, and the wounds crust over and flake off in the form of dandruff.

When İs The Result From Hair Transplantation?

It takes a long time to see the results of the hair transplant operation. In this process, you should be patient and be careful about everything your doctor warns. The time to get results after the hair transplant operation is;

What Are The Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation operations do not have any harmful and permanent side effects on human health. There are some effects seen during the procedure and shortly after the procedure.

These are the temporary side effects seen after hair transplant operations.

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