The rapid development of technology and medicine causes innovations in hair transplantation methods and increases the success rates. Thanks to these innovations, hair transplantation methods are developed that appeal to everyone who has hair loss problems. The number of people who have hair transplants is increasing all over the world. Turkey, on the other hand, is among the leading countries in the world, considering the success rates in applied hair transplant procedures. Istanbul, on the other hand, is among the leading cities in the hair transplant sector with its features. There are many reasons why patients prefer Istanbul, both within the country and abroad. Many reasons, such as new methods developed, technological devices used, and talented doctors who have made a name in their field, cause patients to prefer Istanbul for hair transplantation. We have investigated the reasons why Istanbul is preferred for hair transplant operation for you. Here are those reasons;

New Apps

One of the leading reasons for Istanbul in hair transplant operations is the application of new methods. Many experimental studies of doctors who are experts in the field of hair transplantation in Istanbul have been accepted worldwide and have been applied as innovations in hair transplantation methods. Thanks to the long years of work by talented and well-trained doctors, new methods are being developed and the success rates of these methods are increasing day by day. This is one of the answers to the question of why Istanbul for hair transplantation.

Specialist Doctors And Their Teams

The number of hair transplant procedures is increasing day by day around the world. When this is the case, materials and medical applications used in hair transplant operations are being developed. The most basic answer to the question of why Istanbul is that there are specialist and talented doctors in Istanbul. Hair transplantation is a process that requires a lot of attention and dexterity. Doctors in Istanbul, on the other hand, bring innovations to hair transplantation methods thanks to their skills. Experts who have been working in this field for many years have laid the foundation of innovations applied around the world, thanks to the support of constantly renewed technology. Thanks to specialist doctors and teammates, hair transplantation procedures have a success rate of 99 percent.

Accommodation Opportunity

One of the most important points, especially for those coming from out of town and abroad, is accommodation. Visitors from abroad may have problems with accommodation in other regions as they do not have information about the country. However, there is no accommodation problem in a developed city like Istanbul. Thanks to Istanbul’s luxury and all-inclusive five-star hotels, guests are hosted at the highest level. Guests who come for hair transplantation are hosted in the most comfortable hotels.

Easy Access

Istanbul is among the most developed cities in Turkey. There is an airport on both the Anatolian side and the European side. In addition, since the country is surrounded by seas on three sides, there is also the possibility of transportation by ship. Visitors who want to come from many countries such as Greece, Italy and TRNC can use the sea route for transportation. There are direct or connecting flights from the airport to every point in the world. In addition, railway transportation is also possible. Visitors who want a pleasant journey can take a train ride from the Balkan region or the Caucasus. The transportation point of all these travel opportunities is in Istanbul.

Airport And Transfer Service

Thanks to the airports on both the Anatolian side and the European side, transportation is possible from every point of the world. There are direct or connecting flights to every destination from Africa to America, from Europe to Middle East countries. In this way, international visitors who want to have a hair transplant can easily reach Istanbul. In addition, clinics that offer hair transplantation services meet their guests at the airport and transfer them to their accommodation places so that foreign customers can have a comfortable experience. In addition, this transfer opportunity includes bringing you to the clinic on the day of the hair transplant operation and being transported back to your hotel.

Price Policy

Apart from the success rate, one of the biggest reasons why Turkey, especially Istanbul, is the most popular in the world, is the price policy. The Turkish lira, which is at a disadvantage against the dollar, euro and sterling, becomes an advantage especially for international patients. International visitors, who are advantageous according to the exchange rate difference, can have hair transplantation done in Turkey for almost half the amount they would have done in their own country for the unit price. To give an example, the hair transplant operation, which is performed by 20,000 units in England, can be performed by 9-10,000 units in Turkey. This is particularly advantageous for international patients. Before your hair transplant operation You can reward yourself with a holiday for a few days by entering the country, and then you can have hair transplantation to achieve permanent hair at an affordable price. Moreover, the cost of this entire holiday may be more affordable than the hair transplant procedure you will have in your own country. You can both have permanent and natural hair and have a holiday.

Istanbul’s Historical And Natural Beauties

Turkey is located in a very valuable region in terms of its geopolitical position. Istanbul is one of the most special points at the same rate. Istanbul, whose name we often hear on the stage of history, connects both Europe and Anatolia. While there are natural and historical beauties in every corner of our country. In Istanbul, where life has been lived for centuries, there are cultural pieces belonging to every nation. In addition to its unique Bosphorus and sea view, Istanbul is a tourism paradise with dazzling historical monuments. As we mentioned before, due to the exchange rate difference, it is a very advantageous situation for international visitors economically. Before the hair transplant procedure, you can come to the country and visit the historical and natural beauties of Istanbul and taste the unique Turkish cuisine. You can have your breakfast, which includes a variety of flavors known as Turkish breakfast throughout the world, accompanied by the Bosphorus view. Istanbul, which has become the center of health tourism, has a very important position in religious tourism due to the coexistence of many religious beliefs.

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