People who have problems with their nose due to health problems or aesthetic concerns can achieve permanent medical results thanks to rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty; It is a surgical operation method that allows the shape and structure of the nose to be shaped more appropriately for the face. With rhinoplasty, the general size, length, width, width or shape of the nostrils are arranged in accordance with the face.

Will The Breathing Problem Also improve In Nose Surgery?

In nasal surgeries performed with the functional rhinoplasty method, you have an aesthetic nose and your breathing problem is solved.

What Are The Different Techniques Used In Rhinoplasty Surgery?

What Are The Methods Used In Nose Surgery?

  1. Closed technique: It is the technique in which the incision is made through the nose. It is preferred because there are no lingual marks.
  2. Open technique: It is a technique that is made by opening the incision from the nasal edges. In this technique, the specialist can see the inside of the nose and its problems better.

When Is The Result Of Rhinoplasty Seen?

When the plaster on the nose is removed, the new shape of your nose is roughly evident. The actual shape of your nose can be seen clearly in 6-12 months.

Is There Any Pain After Surgery?

During the first day or two after the operation, intravenous painkillers are given to the patient, so that the patient does not experience pain after the operation. In the following days, the feeling of pain does not occur by using the pain-relieving drugs given by the doctor. In addition, these drugs prevent swelling and shorten the recovery time.

Will There Be Swelling and Bruising On The Face After The Surgery?

Some of the problems experienced after rhinoplasty are complaints such as bruising, swelling, nasal congestion. These problems pass over time thanks to the drugs used. 2-3. After the operation. These problems increase day by day, but they start to pass slowly within 10 days.

Does The Tip Of The Nose Fall After The Surgery?

The drop rate at the tip of the nose differs according to the chosen technique. After the surgery, there may be a small drop in the tip of the nose, this is normal. The nose and upper lip are calculated by taking a certain angle. After the operation, the nose is made slightly more raised in case the tip of the nose falls.

When Will You Be Discharged After Nose Surgery?

In rhinoplasty surgeries, the patient is discharged on the same day or the next day. If there is any problem during the operation, this period may be a little longer.

How Long Does It Take To Return To normal Life After The Operation?

This surgery is not an operation that requires a long stay like other major surgical operations. However, it is important to rest for the comfort of the patient and to shorten the recovery time. If your doctor has not specified a specific period, you can return to your social life 1 week after the surgery. The first month of your surgery is very important, try not to get a blow to your nose during this time. You should organize your social life according to the risk of being hit.

What Are The Factors That Negatively Affect The Results Of Nose Surgery?

Who Are The Suitable Candidates for Nose Surgery?

What Are The Risks Of The Surgery?

There is a small risk in every surgical operation applied to the body. It is possible to experience some problems in nose surgeries. After the operation, there are problems with bleeding, infection and anesthesia. These are the most common problems in rhinoplasty operation. Before the operation, the patients are informed about these issues by the specialists.

When Are Plasters, Sutures And Tampons Removed After Surgery?

  1. Intranasal packings worn during the surgery may vary in the removal time depending on the condition of the surgery. Tampons are taken into the environment within 7-10 days.
  2. The plaster casts on the nose are also removed within 7-10 days.
  3. The sutures placed on the tip of the nose during the surgery are not removed if the stitches dissolve on their own, and they fall off on their own over time. Non-dissolving stitches are removed after 7 days, depending on the situation.

How Long After The Operation Can You Do Sports?

After rhinoplasty, you should stay away from all kinds of sports activities for 6 weeks. Your doctor will make the right decision in this regard, it is useful to listen to his recommendations.

How Long After The Operation Can You Take A Shower?

A few days after the nose surgery, you can take a shower without touching your plaster on the nose. However, this may force you, so you can take a more comfortable shower after your cast is removed.

Should Plastic Surgeons Or Otolaryngologists Perform Nose Surgery?

Any plastic surgeon or otolaryngologist who receives the necessary training can perform rhinoplasty. If it is necessary to intervene in the bones in the middle of the nose, otorhinolaryngologists, who are more experienced in this regard, may be preferred.

What Is The Success Rate Of Rhinoplasty Surgery?

When the right physician is selected and directed, the success rate of nose surgeries is high. However, in some cases, the success rate of the operation may be reduced due to the inattention of the patient and their relatives after the operation. After all conditions are met, rhinoplasty surgeries are successful at an average of 90-95%. In very rare cases, 5-10% of patients may need a second surgery.

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