Regenera Activa; It is a new technique for capillary regeneration treatment for those who have hair loss. In this technique, the person’s own cells are used for the regeneration of the scalp and the treatment of capillaries. Regenera Activa Therapy treatment is a safe and effective treatment method for solving andogenetic alopecia, that is, male pattern hair loss and other hair loss problems. The application is usually performed in a single session.

Hair loss is a common problem for many people. Hair transplant operations are among the most permanent treatments with proven effectiveness. One of the effective treatments after hair transplantation is Regenera Activa treatment. Turkey is very successful in hair transplantation as well as in other hair treatments. While Istanbul is among the cities preferred for hair transplantation, it is among the preferences among other hair treatments.

How To Apply Regenera Activa?

In male pattern hair loss, the nape and behind the ears are resistant to shedding and those areas do not fall out. Hair loss seen in men and women generally occurs at the top of the head area and on the sides. Regenera Activatherapy is based on the principle of preparing a special cell suspension from healthy and strong hair follicles, applying this suspension to the scalp with shedding problem and supporting the weak and lifeless hair follicles there.

Healthy hair follicles in the nape area or behind the ear are removed by applying local anesthesia. With Regenera Activatherapy, a special tissue is created by transforming these hair follicles into a special cell suspension. This suspension is personal. This treatment is applied in a single session, if another session is needed, it may take several years.

What Are The Effects Of Regenera Activa On Shedding Hair?

The basic principle of Regenera Activa is to obtain the stem cells and supporting tissue cells needed for the renewal and healthier growth of the weakened and weakened hair follicles and to apply them to their own hair follicle and skin tissue. Thanks to the application, the hair follicles become much stronger and a defense against shedding is created.

What Are The Benefits Of Regenera Activa Treatment?

Some of the benefits of Regenera Activatedavisi are;

When Will The Results From The Treatment Be Obtained?

Although the time to get results varies from person to person, usually the results begin to be seen after the 3rd month and become visible after the 6th month and the final result is reached in the 12th month.

Is Regenera Activa An Alternative To Hair Transplantation?

Regenera Activa treatment is a supportive treatment method, not an alternative to hair transplantation. In people who start to lose hair at a young age, it is necessary to wait until a certain stage for hair transplantation. Thanks to this treatment, shedding is slowed down and baldness is delayed. The success rate of the hair transplant operation is increased when Regenera Activa treatment is applied during the hair follicle collection stage of the hair transplant operation.

What Are The Recommendations For Patients Experiencing Hair Loss?

Patients with hair loss need to pay attention to some points in order to solve this problem or to avoid hair loss. If these recommendations for patients are implemented, positive results can be obtained and the problem of hair loss can be resolved. Some of the recommendations given to patients experiencing hair loss are;

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