Dhi Hair Transplantation (Direct Hair Implantation)

Thanks to the developing technology, there are many different developments in hair transplantation operations. Old methods are being replaced by advanced new methods. One of them is DHI (direct hair implantation) method. The difference of this method from other methods is that it has fewer steps and allows more hair root seed to be planted since the channels are not opened at once. Thanks to this feature, it has recently become the most preferred method among hair transplantation methods. DHI hair transplantation method, which is preferred by women as well as men, is a method that can be easily applied to anyone who is deemed appropriate by the specialist. You can have permanent and healthy hair with the DHI hair transplantation method, which is applied by choosing reliable experts without leaving your job to chance.

DHI (direct hair implantation) hair transplantation method is a one-stage method unlike other methods. Its basic principle is to collect the seeds of hair follicles from the donor area with the help of a medical pen called choı, and with the help of the same pen, apply light pressure to the area to be transplanted without opening the canal, and press the ground on the pen to plant the hair follicle seed.

What Are The Stages Of DHI Hair Transplantation?

  1. Control: At this stage, the patient should clearly explain their expectations from hair transplantation. After a detailed control examination, the expert person expresses his ideas and a mutual agreement is agreed with the patient. During the control phase, necessary tests and analyzes are performed and it is checked whether there is an obstacle to hair transplantation.
  2. Planning: At the planning stage, the patient’s wishes and needs are determined and the front hair drawing is performed. This process determines the borders of the area to be transplanted. This drawing is determined according to the patient’s wishes, facial structure and the recommendations of the specialist. The next step is to determine where the donor area will be, which is usually the nape of the neck with hair follicles that are resistant to hair loss. According to the productivity of the donor area and the size of the place to be planted, the average number of hair follicle seeds (grafts) is determined. The planning stage is a very important step in terms of the result to be obtained after the hair transplant operation. It should be planned accurately and carefully.
  3. Collection of hair follicle seeds from the donor area: After a careful planning stage, the first procedure of the hair transplant operation is started by applying local anesthesia to the donor area. From the donor area, which is anesthetized with local anesthesia, the hair follicle collection process is started as much as the number of hair follicle seeds determined during the planning phase. The collection process is carried out by applying light pressure to the hair root and removing it with the help of a choı medical pen.
  4. Hair follicle transplantation: During the hair follicle collection process, the area to be transplanted is anesthetized with local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any pain. While these hair follicle seeds collected in other methods are kept in a special section, in the DHI hair transplantation method, the hair follicles collected with a special choı medical pen are transferred to the area to be transplanted with the help of the same pen. In the DHI hair transplantation method, the channels are not opened to place the hair follicles, the hair follicles are placed directly on the area by applying light pressure with the help of a medical pen. Thus, the hair transplant operation is completed.

How Long Is The DHI Hair Transplant Procedure?

DHI hair transplantation method differs from person to person and according to the width of the area to be applied. It generally takes 9-12 hours. The dexterity and experience of the expert makes it possible to change in this period.

What Should Be Considered Before DHI Hair Transplantation?

As in other hair transplant operations, there are some points that you should pay attention to beforehand in the DHI hair transplant method. These are respectively;

What Should Be Considered After DHI Hair Transplantation?

Paying attention to some important points after the DHI hair transplant operation will ensure that your hair transplant process will give better results.

How Long Is DHI Hair Transplant Recovery Time?

  1. After 10-15 days of DHI hair transplantation: At this stage, the wounds heal slowly and the crusts begin to fall in the form of dandruff, and the most difficult process of the process is left behind.
  2. 1-3 months after DHI Hair Transplantation: During this period, the transplanted hair grows very weakly. However, after a while, shock spills occur, this is a normal process, don’t let it worry you.
  3. 6-12 months after DHI Hair Transplantation: After the shock loss experienced, the transplanted hair starts to grow back in a healthy way. After the 12th month, you will clearly regain your hair permanently.

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