Thanks to the hair transplantation process, which has been providing a permanent solution to baldness for many years, many people can have natural and healthy hair permanently. Thanks to the recent medical innovations, there have been serious developments in the hair transplant sector. Thanks to the use of new devices and methods, the success rate of hair transplant operations has increased to 90-95%. Many hair transplant operations offer high success rates thanks to the application of experts in the field. Hairless appearance creates aesthetic and psychological problems in people, while self-confidence problems are solved by hair transplant operations.

After deciding to have a hair transplant, you can find the hair transplant stages that are curious about in the continuation of our article.

How To Do Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation operation is the process of transferring the hair follicles taken from the donor area to the bald part of people who experience thinning of hair or baldness. In hair transplantation, the donor area is usually the nape area that is resistant to shedding, but in some patients, if there is not enough hair follicles in the nape area, it can be determined as the donor area in the back, chest, under the neck or above the ears.

Hair transplantation is usually performed under local anesthesia in order not to feel pain. Thanks to local anesthesia, pain is not felt during and for a while after the procedure.

Hair transplantation is applied with different methods and different devices. Each method has similar aspects as well as many different aspects. Regardless of the method applied, the success rates are high. There are changes in the hair transplantation method applied according to the person’s hair loss rate or the doctor’s expertise.

What Is Hair Root And Graft?

Hair root is the name of the structure located at the base of the hair and covered with a layer of oil. Hair follicles refer to the area where the stem cells are located.

Graft is the name given to the piece of tissue where the nerve and vascular connections are fed to the hair or tissue in the body. The expression of graft used in hair transplantation is the process of removing hair follicles together with the skin.

How Is The Direction Of Hair Transplantation Determined?

In order to obtain natural results in hair transplantation operations, the correct determination of the planting direction is required. The determination of the hair direction is affected by the head structure of the person, the direction of the other hairs and the curling of the roots. Since the hair follicle is curved, it determines the way and direction of its growth, it also determines the direction of planting.

Other points to consider when determining the direction of hair transplantation are;

Hair Transplant Operation Planning

Planning is one of the most important stages of the hair transplant operation. Performing this stage correctly and in detail directly affects the success rate of hair transplantation.

The first step in the planning phase is the patient and doctor interview. In this step, the patient should clearly express his expectation from hair transplantation. A general examination is performed and information about the patient’s medical history is learned. The patient should be explained in detail what to do before and after transplantation, and the patient should be prepared for the process.

Necessary blood tests are done and the front line of the patient’s hair is determined and this line is applied as a border. Afterwards, the efficiency of the donor area is checked and the average number of hair follicles needed is calculated thanks to technical measurements.

Pre-photographs of the patient are taken and the patient’s approval is obtained by showing images of how it will look after the hair transplant in digital media.

Channel Opening Phase

Grooving is one of the most important steps in hair transplant operation. At this stage, small incisions are made in the area to be transplanted at regular intervals by taking the determined hair line as the border. This process is done with special sharp-edged devices. In DHI hair transplantation method, there is no channel opening process and hair follicles are placed by applying light pressure with the help of a special medical pen.

The most important point in the channel opening phase is to open the channels according to the correct hair growth direction. In this way, the transplanted hair will be in harmony with other hair.

Since local anesthesia is applied during hair transplantation and channel opening, no pain is felt during the procedure.

Hair Root Collection

Hair follicle collection varies according to the hair transplantation method applied. In FUE hair transplantation method, hair follicles are collected manually via micromotors. In the DHI method, it is collected with a special medical pen called choi. Hair In the root collection phase, the aim is to take healthy hair follicles to be transplanted from the donor area.

Hair follicles are usually taken from the nape area, which is resistant to shedding. If there are not enough hair follicles in the nape area, hair follicles are collected from the ear, chest and back area.

At this stage, the hair follicles are collected very carefully and separated in a special area and kept until the moment of planting. In the DHI method, the roots are planted directly without waiting.

Hair Follicle Transplantation Stage

The hair follicle transplantation stage is the process of placing the collected hair follicles in the opened channels according to the direction of their exit. This stage is the most important stage of the hair transplant operation because the more careful you are at this stage, the more successful results are obtained.

At the stage of hair root transplantation, the roots should be placed according to the direction of the other hairs, so that a natural appearance can be achieved when the hair grows.

Hair follicle transplantation is the longest phase of the operation. All hair follicles collected at this stage are carefully placed in the channels and should be treated very carefully.

Hair follicles are started to be applied by taking the border of the hairline. The hairline is determined according to the general structure of the face and the face type, so that a natural appearance can be obtained.

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