Losing 50-100 hairs per day is considered normal. However, when the shedding exceeds this number, when you pull the hair lightly, it means that the rate of hair loss has increased when 4-5 or more strands of hair come to the hand. In men, on the other hand, there is regression in the front hairline, openings in the forehead and crown area. When there is an increase in hair loss, the first thing to do is to consult a specialist as soon as possible. When hair loss reaches the final stage, hair transplantation methods provide permanent and natural solutions to patients. Turkey is among the leading countries of the sector in the field of hair transplantation Turkey. Hair transplantation centers in Istanbul guarantee successful results both in hair loss treatments and in the field of hair transplantation.

What Is Genetic Hair Loss (Androgenetic Alopecia)?

The most common and difficult to treat factor among the causes of hair loss is genetic predisposition. People with a family history of baldness are more likely to go bald over time. Genetic predisposition, which is more common in men, causes permanent baldness. Hair transplantation is the most permanent solution for those who experience hair loss due to genetic predisposition.

Hair Loss Due To Unbalanced Diet

An unbalanced and irregular diet causes hair loss. Substances that must be taken into the body with nutrients are very important for the development of hair. Since these substances are taken incompletely due to insufficient and irregular nutrition, the hair cannot develop, become weak and fall out.

Hair Loss Due To Skin And Skin Diseases

Skin and skin diseases such as fungus and eczema on the scalp cause hair loss. If such diseases are not treated, they cause permanent baldness.

Hair Loss Due To Medication

Some drugs used have side effects such as hair loss. Due to unconsciously used drugs, there is a sudden loss of hair. Blood thinners, gout, depression, heart diseases and high blood pressure drugs cause hair loss. When the use of birth control pills is stopped, hair loss is observed.

What Is Hair Loss Due To Ringworm (Alopecia Areata) Disease?

Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disease known as ringworm disease among the people, occurs especially in severe stressful situations. While it causes regional hair loss in some patients, it causes shedding of body hair such as eyebrows, eyelashes and beard in some patients. Factors such as genetic predisposition, neurological factors, infections and stress are among the factors that trigger the disease. If this disease, which does not cause permanent baldness, is treated, the spills improve.

Stress-Related Hair Loss

Stress is one of the environmental factors that cause hair loss. The hustle and bustle of daily life, the experiences in the school and work environment increase the stress level of the person. Hair loss is caused by stress. You can get support from expert psychologists to combat stress.

Hair Loss Due To High Or Low Doses Of Vitamin A

Vitamin A is very important for hair nutrition and growth. While taking high doses of vitamin A causes hair loss, a small amount of vitamin A also causes shedding, so adequate amounts of vitamin A should be taken.

Hair Loss Due To Sudden Weight Loss

Sudden excessive weight loss also causes hair loss. Sudden weight loss is experienced due to the overworking of the thyroid hormone. These sudden changes in the body are affected by hormones. Hair loss occurs due to hormonal imbalance. Generally, hair loss can continue for 3-6 months on average and then stop.

Hair Loss Due To Anorexia And Bulimia Diseases

In patients with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, due to inadequate nutrition, the hair becomes weak and causes shedding, as iron, protein, zinc, vitamins and minerals necessary for the hair cannot be obtained. When such diseases are treated, the hair becomes stronger again.

Hair Loss Due To Chronic Diseases

There are more than 30 chronic diseases that cause hair loss. These diseases cause hair loss. Generally, hair loss problem is experienced in patients with thyroid and anemia.

High fever diseases, infections, severe flu and severe surgical operations cause hair loss. These diseases need to be diagnosed and treated.

Hair Loss Due To Hormonal Imbalance

Another reason for hair loss is hormone imbalance. Especially in women, decreases or increases in hormone values are experienced during menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause periods. These changes cause hair loss. If the hormonal imbalance lasts for a long time, the amount of hair loss increases and permanent baldness problems may occur. your hair too If you are experiencing spills, you should get a blood test as soon as possible and learn the hormone that causes the spill, then you can solve your problem with the necessary treatments.

What Is Hair Loss Due To Iron Deficiency?

Iron deficiency is among the main causes of hair loss. Iron deficiency occurs in the body due to malnutrition or some diseases. Due to the unbalanced diet, the lack of beneficial nutrients in the body causes a lack of iron in the body and causes hair loss.

Hair Loss Due To Scalp Disease

Cicatricial Alopecia is permanent damage to hair follicles in an area of the scalp. It is not possible to regrow the hair that has been lost as a result of the disease. When the symptoms of the disease appear, a specialist should consult a dermatologist and necessary precautions should be taken before the disease progresses.

Does Wrong Hair Care Cause Hair Loss?

Incorrect hair care practices and chemical-containing hair products are among the hair loss. Over time, the weakened hair begins to fall out. Combing the hair while it is wet and using the wrong comb will cause hair loss. Binding the hair too tightly causes the roots to stretch and break. Washing hair with very hot or very cold water damages the scalp.

In particular, women often dye their hair, which causes hair loss. The chemicals in the dyes damage the scalp and roots.

Using the wrong cosmetic products causes hair loss. The use of shampoo and conditioner with chemical content prevents the pores in the scalp from closing and the hair follicles from breathing and nourishing. Products such as gel and spray used cause hair loss. When washing hair, such products should be thoroughly cleaned.

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