Permanence in hair transplantation is lifelong. Regardless of the technique used in hair transplantation, if done professionally, it gives permanent results for a lifetime. People who want to have hair transplant mostly focus on the question of permanence. But people who are going to have a hair transplant do not need to worry about permanence. When hair transplantation is done in a good clinic, it does not need to be repeated again.

In addition, the person’s careful behavior after hair transplantation also contributes to the success rate. After the hair transplant surgery, the head area should be treated with care for a while. In this process, strictly following the doctor’s recommendations will increase the permanence rate of the transplanted hair.

What is the lifespan of transplanted hair?

Lifelong permanence is guaranteed in hair transplantation. In hair transplantation, the most important factor that ensures permanence is that the surgery is performed in the appropriate age range. Hair transplantation should not be too early or too late. Generally, people who have hair loss problems in their 20s tend to act quickly for the procedure.

However, hair may continue to fall out until the age of 30. Although it varies from person to person, hair transplant surgery is not recommended before the age of 30. However, in operations performed after this age, guaranteed hair transplant is promised. In addition, the success rate may decrease in procedures performed for people over the age of 65.

Are Turkish hair transplants good?

Hair transplant in Turkey is the first choice of people with baldness problems. Turkey ranks first in hair transplantation with its well-equipped devices and competent specialists. In addition, hair transplant prices in Turkey are cheaper than in the global market. People who want to have access to the most high-tech methods at affordable prices prefer hair transplant Turkey clinics.

Hair transplant clinics in Turkey have a very high success rate. People who experience both complete baldness and regional hair thinning can find the most suitable treatment methods for them in hair transplant Istanbul clinics.

How much is 5000 grafts hair transplant İn Turkey?

Hair transplant prices in Turkey vary from clinic to clinic. In addition, the technique used in hair transplant surgery also plays a major role in determining the price. 5000 grafts is one of the highest numbers in hair transplantation. With this number of grafts, the baldness problem of the person who will have hair transplant is permanently resolved.

Prices for 5000 graft counts can usually range from $2000 to $4000. But this is an average price. In hair transplant surgery, budget management is very important for the people who will have the operation, but more importantly is the quality of the clinic. For natural appearance hair transplantation, clinic selection should be made carefully.

Can you wear a hat after hair transplant?

It is forbidden to wear a hat in the first 48 hours after hair transplantation. No contact should be made with the hair transplant area 48 hours after the operation. The transplanted area should not be irritated, not to lie on it and not to wear a hat. 5 days after the hair transplant, people who have had surgery can start wearing hats.

But at this point, care should be taken not to sweat the scalp. If the transplanted area sweats, the transplanted hair follicles may be damaged and the permanence of the procedure may be impaired. After hair transplantation, any behavior that will damage the hair follicles should be avoided.

How can i hide my hair transplant?

There are several methods that people who have surgery to hide the hair transplant will resort to. These methods can be listed as follows:

How do you sleep after a hair transplant?

After hair transplantation, attention should be paid to sleep. You should lie in a flat position for 3 days following the hair transplant surgery and should not touch the operated area for the first 48 hours.

At the end of 3 days, the person can start sleeping in a horizontal position again. However, it would be useful to pay attention to the lying position for the first 2 weeks. The nape area should be supported with a pillow while sleeping and should not lie in the same position for too long.

When can I shower after hair transplant?

Taking a shower after hair transplant is one of the issues that people who want to have hair transplant wonder about. After hair transplantation, it is necessary to wait for a while to take a shower. For the first 48 hours, the transplanted area should be kept dry. People who cannot wait 48 hours to take a shower should not touch the operated area while taking a shower. At the end of a week following the surgery, the person can continue to shower normally.

However, shampoo recommended by the doctor should not be used in the shower and the lotion recommended by the doctor should be applied after the shower. In the shower, aggressive movements should not be made to the operated area and the hair follicles should not be damaged. The crusting should be rubbed gently, and the crusted area should not be plucked.

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