Hair transplantation operations, which have been providing a permanent solution to baldness for many years, have become quite a trend recently. Thanks to the developments and innovations in the hair transplant sector, the increases in success rates cause women and men who have hair loss and baldness problems to prefer it more. There are also differences in costs due to the competitive environment in the hair transplantation sector, where medical developments are experienced with the developing technology. Compared to the past, hair transplant prices are much more affordable today.

According To Which Criteria Is The Cost Of Hair Transplantation Determined?

There are different methods in hair transplant operations and they are performed with techniques that vary from person to person. For this reason, it is not possible to say a single price for the hair transplant operation. One of the factors affecting hair transplantation prices is the technique of hair transplantation. For example, FUT hair transplantation technique, which is an old method, is applied by removing the scalp as a strip and transferring it to the balding part. Since the materials used and the application time are very short compared to other techniques, the cost of the process is much lower. FUE and DHI methods, which are among the most preferred hair transplantation methods, are more costly techniques due to both high success rates and very long procedure times. Each technique also has application differences according to the person. In some patients, less number of hair follicle seeds are used, while in some patients more hair follicle seeds are planted due to large-scale baldness, which causes a change in the cost of hair transplantation. In some cases, there are differences in costs as additional treatments are required for hair transplantation. In order to learn a precise cost information, one should be examined.

What Are The Average Hair Transplant Prices?

The first question that comes to mind after deciding to have a hair transplant operation is how much the hair transplant costs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give an average hair transplant price or to apply the same price for each person. The only way to find out exactly how much the hair transplant cost is to visit the clinic where you decided to have hair transplant and get examined. After the detailed examination, the net hair transplant price is revealed.

What Should Be Considered When Researching The Price Of Hair Transplantation?

After deciding on a hair transplant operation, there are some points you should pay attention to when researching hair transplant prices. The things you should pay attention to in price research are;

Hair Transplant Costs In Istanbul

While deciding on a hair transplant operation is a very unsettling process, the cost of hair transplant is just as thought-provoking. The answer to the question marks about how much hair transplantation costs are actually very easy. All you have to do is to contact the hair transplant center and make an appointment and be examined. Although the method to be applied in hair transplantation operations, which differs from person to person, is the same, there is a difference in costs because the number of hair follicle seeds to be planted is different. Istanbul is among the world’s leading cities in the hair transplant industry. There are world-renowned doctors in the city who are experts in their fields and the latest techniques are used with the latest technology materials. In a city where the sector is so comprehensive, hair transplant prices are also available for every budget.

The Number Of Hair Follicle Seeds (Grafts) Affecting The Cost Of Hair Transplantation

The number of hair follicle seeds to be planted, which is one of the reasons affecting the cost of hair transplantation operations, differs from person to person. In general, an average of 3000 hair follicle seeds are planted. While this number is taken as the base, if it exceeds 3000, the hair transplant prices differ. At this point, there are some situations that you should pay attention to. Some untrustworthy clinics make false practices to defraud patients. 3000 hair root seeds are equal to 7500 hair strands on average. Some hair transplant centers, on the other hand, charge the price difference by saying that they are planting 3000 hair follicle seeds to the patient and 7500. 3000 hair follicle seeds will not be enough for a patient who has completed the full shedding process and will need a second operation. Reliable to avoid such a situationYou should work with a clinic.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Hair Transplantation

There are basically two main factors affecting the cost of hair transplantation. One of them is the number of hair follicle seeds (graft) to be planted and the method of hair transplantation.

The number of hair follicle seeds to be planted in the hair transplant operation is the factor that determines the cost of the operation. The higher the number, the longer the process time and increase the amount of time spent and labor.

The method of hair transplantation operation also affects the cost of transplantation. There are also differences in price as the materials used in the applied method and the time vary. For example, hair transplantation with the FUE method is more affordable than the hair transplantation with the DHI method. DHI hair transplantation method is a more costly method as it is a newer and more advanced method.

Since our country is among the world’s leading countries in hair transplant operations, the hair transplant industry is highly developed. The competitive environment resulting from the development of the sector also affects the costs of hair transplantation. Hair transplantation operations, which were performed in a few clinics in the past, have become more common today. While the cost of transactions made in A number was higher in the past, nowadays, the costs have become much lower with the organization of campaigns depending on the competitive environment. Especially since the Turkish lira is more advantageous due to the exchange rate difference, the cost of having a hair transplant in Turkey is very low for visitors coming from abroad.

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