Hair consists of a protein called keratin and is produced by hair follicles located in the outer layer of the skin. The new hairs produced by the follicles begin to grow when they are pushed outward from the skin surface. A healthy hair grows an average of 15 cm per year. An adult human has an average of 100,000 to 150,000 hair strands. While 50 to 100 hair loss per day is considered normal, an increase in this number in a short time is considered as hair loss. With the increase in the number of hair shedding over time, thinning in certain areas and baldness occur over time.

What Are The Causes Of Hair Loss?

Hair loss can have different causes. Although it varies from person to person, hair loss is usually experienced as a result of hormone problems, previous diseases and medications, stress, genetic predisposition or accident.

  1. Genetic factors

Male and female pattern hair loss, known as androgeneticalopecia, is seen as openings on the top of the scalp and forehead line. The age of onset and progression varies from person to person, and hair loss problem begins at an earlier age with genetic predisposition.

  1. Skin problems

Skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and fungus cause regional hair loss.

  1. Eating habits

Since the cellular structure of the hair is a living structure, the diet of the person affects the growth of the hair as well as its loss. As a result of not consuming plenty of water, irregular nutrition and faulty diets, the hair starts to fall out because it cannot be fed enough.

  1. Hormone issues

Hair loss is observed in women, especially during menstruation, excessive weight gain, and hormonal irregularities.

  1. Diseases and drugs used

While diseases such as adrenal diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and thyroid cause hair loss, the drugs used for these diseases, weight loss pills and birth control pills also cause hair loss.

  1. Pregnancy and childbirth

Along with the hormonal changes experienced during the pregnancy period, hair thinning and shedding are experienced in the process. A decrease in the number of hair during pregnancy and an increase in the number of daily hair loss are common conditions. After birth, the ongoing hormonal changes will begin to return to normal within an average of 4 months.

  1. Chemotherapy treatment

As a result of the disease, hair loss is experienced as a result of chemotherapy treatment. After this treatment is finished, the hair grows back over time.

  1. Stress

Stress factor, which is among the most troublesome causes of diseases of our age, also causes hair loss.

Diagnosing Hair Loss

To solve the problem of hair loss, the most important step is to find out why the hair is falling. Treatments applied without the underlying causes of hair loss will not work. Some of the tests performed to understand the causes of hair loss are;

Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss can be slowed down or completely stopped if a scientifically based treatment method is applied. After the necessary tests are done, the treatment for the problem is started as soon as the reason for the hair loss is found.

Methods Used İn The Treatment Of Hair Loss

Although regional hair treatments are easier, the treatment takes some time when the size of the hair loss is large. Although it varies from person to person, success rates also vary and unfortunately, positive results cannot be obtained in some people. The methods used in the treatment of hair loss are;

Finasteride is one of the most effective drugs used in hair loss. The product, which is especially effective in male pattern hair loss, is used in the form of tablets. Minoxidil is another drug used for hair loss. The drug, whose effect has been proven scientifically, is frequently used in the treatment of hair loss.

Shampoos are the easiest products to reach in the treatment of hair loss. Although they are not scientifically proven products, products with clean content show the effect of reducing spillage.

The treatment applied with laser beams at low power has an effect on the strengthening of thinning hair. Various devices have been developed for this treatment and positive results have been obtained.

Mesotherapy, which are among the most used treatment methods in the treatment of hair loss, draw attention with their success rates. Platelet-rich plasma obtained from the person’s own blood is injected into the hair follicles and it is aimed to strengthen the hair.

Additional support products to be used in the treatment process for hair loss increase the success rate of the process. Vitamin supplements such as biotin, anti-oxidant and zinc to be used in this process support the treatment of hair loss.

The most permanent and definitive treatment method for people who cannot get results from hair loss treatment is hair transplant operations. Hair transplant operation provides a permanent solution to hair loss for women and men.

Things To Consider İn The Treatment Of Hair Loss

In order to obtain positive results in the hair loss treatment process, some points should be considered. Things to consider are;

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