Losing 50-100 hair strands in daily life is considered normal. Over time, this number increases due to various reasons, and if precautions are not taken, it causes hair loss and baldness. Hair transplantation operations provide a permanent and natural solution to baldness. Thanks to the developing technology, hair transplantation can be easily applied to women as well. Hair transplantation procedures applied in Turkey provide solutions especially to women who have hair loss problems. Hair transplantation centers in Turkey and Istanbul offer women-specific hair transplantation method services at a high level and very successful results are obtained. hair transplant in istanbul should be successful

What Are The Causes Of Male Pattern Hair Loss In Women?

The main cause of male pattern hair loss in women is genetic factors. Male pattern hair loss is not usually seen in women at an early age. Male-pattern hair loss is experienced in women with hormonal balance deteriorating due to problems such as menopause, which occurs with aging. Generally, menopausal women over the age of 50 experience male pattern hair loss. This hair loss progresses over time and causes permanent baldness.

With the advancing age, the decrease in female hormones causes an increase in the male hormone testosterone and male pattern hair loss. Those who suspect male pattern hair loss should consult a specialist doctor as soon as possible and the reason for the loss should be learned clearly.

What Are The Causes Of Male Pattern Hair Loss In Women?

Some of the causes of male pattern hair loss in women are;

What Does Male Pattern Baldness Look Like?

Male pattern hair loss in women is not seen as complete baldness as in men. Hair loss is common in women in the first place, and the growth rate of hair slows down. After the growth rate slows down, the hair begins to thin and appear less frequently. Androgenic alopecia, that is, male pattern hair loss, usually occurs through hormonal imbalance or genetic transmission. Due to hormonal and genetic predisposition, the hair that has fallen out becomes difficult to regrow and the growth of these new hairs is very slow. Even if the new hair grows, it seems voluminous because it is very thin. Over time, the hair strands become thinner and weaken and begin to fall out. In the advanced stage of hair loss, hair follicles disappear and do not grow again. When new hair does not grow in place of the shed hair, the problem of baldness begins. In women, the first openings begin in the forehead and hairline, and over time, openings are experienced at the top. Although male pattern baldness is seen in women, complete baldness does not occur as in men.

Is Female Pattern Hair Loss Different From Male Pattern?

Male pattern hair loss starts in the front of the head area and the hairline recedes and over time there is an opening at the top. At first, the head area takes an M shape due to the retraction of the front hairline. Over time, these spills progress and baldness occurs up to the nape. This is the last stage of hair loss. The hair on the nape is resistant to shedding. Generally, in many patients, the hair in this area does not fall out and hair follicles in the nape are used in hair transplant operations.

Female pattern hair loss is usually first seen as thinning due to thinning of the hair strands. Over time, there is regression in the front hairline and openings on the sides. Compared to men, women are much less likely to go completely bald. In women, thinning is more common than complete baldness.

How Much Is Hair Loss Seen In Women?

Hair loss in women is seen in 3 different ways. Hair loss in women is;

Do Genetic Factors Cause Hair Loss In Women?

Genetic predisposition is gene traits passed down from parents to children. Hereditary problems that are genetically passed from the family are also seen in children over time. Individuals with a family history of hair loss and baldness in their mother or father are more likely to experience the same problem in later life. In some people, this predisposition is also seen at a young age. If your father or other close relatives have suffered from hair loss, you are more likely to have female pattern baldness.

Female pattern hair loss in women is generally experienced during pregnancy, postpartum and menopause. Since these women-specific conditions cause hormonal disorders, this imbalance in the hormone level negatively affects the hair and causes shedding and even baldness. Those who experience hair loss due to hormonal disorder and genetic predisposition can find a solution with drug treatment under the guidance of a specialist.

Can Women Experience Female Pattern Baldness At A Young Age?

Generally, female pattern baldness is not seen in women at a young age. Moderate shedding is seen in women at a young age. If the cause of hair loss is found and treated, this problem can be solved. Baldness in women is usually seen after the age of 40-50.

Hair Loss Due To Stress And Trauma

One of the most common causes of hair loss is stress. The negativities experienced in daily life cause stress in people due to the intensity of work life. Stress causes hair loss as it disrupts the hormonal balance in the human body.

If the cause of hair loss is stress and psychological problems, it is recommended that the person seek professional support. If this problem is not resolved, hair loss can reach serious proportions and may not be reversible.

Hair Loss Due To The Cosmetic Products Used And The Treatments Applied To The Hair

Among the reasons for hair loss that people did not pay attention to, there is hair loss due to cosmetic products. Cosmetic products can cause chemical spills. Since the contents of the shampoos and hair care products used are not clean, hair loss occurs because it affects the hair root and scalp.

It causes shedding because it disrupts the structure of the hair in the processes such as dye, blow dryer and tongs applied to the hair of women. Since the chemical content in the dyes used to dye the hair is high, it both disrupts the hair structure and damages the scalp. Your hair dye choice should be organic and clean. Gathering the hair too tightly causes the hair follicles to stretch and break from the root. Since the hair dryer is used too closely and too closely, it dries the scalp, negatively affects the nutrition of the hair follicles and causes shedding.

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